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4 votes
2 answers

Best light for rest/nap time for toddler: lamp or open drapes on large window?

Our almost-3-year-old daughter has not been taking naps consistently for 5-6 weeks now; only about once a week. She has a toddler bed and remains confined to her room from 1-3 pm. She has become ...
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1 answer

Is it safe to keep baby in a pram on a cloudy day but with extreme UV?

We live in NZ and nowadays UV index at noon lingers at extreme index of 11-12. However it's quite cloudy day and we cover the pram and position it in a way that the baby wouldn't get direct exposure. ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Should I get sunglasses for our baby?

We are going on holiday with our 3 month old, where it will hopefully be sunny. Given that we won't ever be leaving her in direct sunlight, is there any reason or recommendation for very young ...
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Sun Bathing to get Vitamin D for infants

Is sun bathing still recommended option to get natural vitamin D for infants or one should prefer the medications like Vit D3, calcitrol etc. Also which sunlight morning time or afternoon time is most ...
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