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For questions about whether, when or how to teach sign language to children or the effects of it.

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What is a good age to start sign language with your baby?

I would like to know when is a good time to start teaching your baby sign language. I heard they won't start signing back to you before 6-7 months so starting before 3 months might be pointless. Any ...
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Scientific proof of sign language for toddler communication [closed]

Is there science-backed research on teaching sign language to toddlers to enhance communication?
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What's a good choice for a baby's first sign in sign language?

My guide to using sign-language for babies recommends starting out with one single word, and repeating it frequently until the baby begins using it too. I'm having a lot of trouble picking a good ...
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Will teaching American Sign Language provide the same developmental benefits as a bilingual household?

It has become well documented that raising a child in a bilingual environment has numerous developmental benefits. These seem to largely center on increased vocabulary and situational awareness. ...
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Does teaching your child sign language improve his emotional health?

We're expecting our first child and trying to make decisions about what parenting trends to follow. I've been reading about teaching sign language to babies. It seems like the jury is out on whether ...
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Can learning sign language be harmful for babies' speech development? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does using sign language really accelerate a child's ability to speak? I am considering teaching my 8-month-old sign language, and I can't sneeze without finding resources ...
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What are some resources to help in learning sign language?

Any recommended books, DVDs, websites, etc for parents wanting to use sign language with their (hearing) baby?
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Does using sign language really accelerate a child's ability to speak?

I have often heard that using sign language is really good in teaching a baby to talk. Is this really true, or is this an urban legend? Related: Can toddlers learn sign language?
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