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About when, how and what rules to set or how to deal with them. Add [discipline] if you want to know how to enforce rules.

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What should I do about my 7 year old goddaughter intentionally baiting people into give her things?

I fear my goddaughter has weaponized cuteness to become a professional moocher. She knows I won't buy things for her myself (I donate most of my income to charity and feel that's more important then ...
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16 Year Old, Trying to Deal with Strict, Invasive Parents. What Do I Do?

I'm 16 years old, in my jr year of high school, yet still my parents are treating me like I'm 12. My metal health has suffered a ton and at this point I really don't know what to do. This website is ...
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My Mom Doesn't Allow Any Screen Time At All!

Recently, my mom changed my entire lifestyle completely in just a week. Exercising for one hour, avoiding snacks. I'm fine with the first two, but the last one is just cruel. I'm not allowed any ...
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How and when do we start teaching our toddler the difference between rules at our house and others'?

We have a 13 month old son who's pretty receptive of directions given to him. That's also partly because we don't have a lot of directions to give or "no"s to say in our own house. Anything ...
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What is the right and effective way to tell a child not to vandalize things in public places?

This is the setting: I'm with my 6-7 years old son in a dinosaur park (in a day not busy at all, so he will not behave as a good boy just because there's people around him who could make him feel ...
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How to deal with a situation in which following the rules feels like punishment and breaking them is rewarded?

Disclaimer: This question is triggered by the current COVID-19 pandemic, but should please be seen as a more general question. To cut a long story short, a long-planned birthday party sleepover at a ...
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Son threatens to fail high school if we don't let him keep his laptop

So my son is really into video games and I have never let him have a computer growing up or play games (my viewpoint is that video game is a waste of time and he could better spend the time studying ...
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Indulging mobile game obsession Pokémon Go in 6-year old

My 6-year-old son really enjoys his Pokémon Go, a game on the mobile phone. Mainly because: it is something he does with his dad (we are together but our son spends more time with me, and so he seems ...
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How to set boundaries for a 7-month-old?

Our little person is 7 months old and is on the move: he's crawling, pulling up to standing, and starting to cruise around. Couple that with a desire to investigate everything. We've baby proofed all ...
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How to deal with children going to friend's houses to bypass rules

In our house, as with most households I assume, there are lots of rules that we decided on, which might not be agreed upon by other families. Our son is 9 at the moment. For example, to prevent video ...
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Are my parents bullying my spouse with house rules?

I am 23 years old, am engaged, and live with both my parents. My fiancee recently lost her home due to circumstances out of her control and my parents agreed to let her stay in our home and store her ...
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How to approach a stubborn parent about a rule that is harming my studying

For some context I have been playing musical instruments since I was around 7 years old in some capacity, ranging from the piano and singing, to the clarinet and saxophone. We moved house around two ...
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How can a parent who is known by their child or teen not to be teetotal raise their offspring in sobriety?

Individuals up to 18 yrs old (or 21 in some jurisdictions) are not supposed to drink alcoholic beverages. But it is an open secret that this obligation is being notoriously broken and convincing ...
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How often should rules be reminded?

Usually all of us set up some rules (house rules, behavior rules, safety rules, ...) that we desire that our children follow. When and how often should we remind the rules? More specifically I saw ...
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6 Year Old meal Time expectations

We have a 6 year old son and food time is often a struggle. My son is not interested in food (and more enticing food seems to make very little difference), and is very easily distracted, making him ...
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What to do about my toddler wanting everything her way?

We have a 2.5-year-old daughter and we're fighting over everything. Literally everything. When she is alone with someone she is good most of the time, however when there are two of us with her, she ...
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How competitive or forgiving to be when playing games against my own kids

When playing games against my own kids (sports, cards, board games), I am never sure how competitive should I be. I am asking this regarding to two issues: level of play and rules observance. Level ...
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Should I allow toys at the table at mealtimes?

My 1.5 year old daughter is constantly carrying around her toys, and often a toy is in her hand when she comes to the table. We have already decided that no electronics will be allowed at the table, ...
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8-year-old right away repeats action after she is told not to do them

My 8-year-old right away repeats the things she is forbidden from doing. For example, when she is told not to sing at the dinner table she will right away start singing in a lower tone. This is not ...
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At what age should you allow your kids to go out alone?

Whether its to visit a friend who lives a few streets away, or going to the park by themselves, or going to the local shop, at what age do you allow your kids to go out by themselves? And what rules ...
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How to Teach That Following Rules is Not Always Good?

My 8 year old son has an issue with following rules a little too closely. He gets upset if rules and/or routine are broken. For instance, last night he was upset because a classmate was singing ...
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14 votes
3 answers

How to positively teach a toddler dishonest actions are bad

While on vacation my family and I were at a store and my 4 year old daughter had picked up a toy and placed it on the checkout belt. At this time we did not notice the toy and proceeded to checkout ...
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What is the minimum amount of structure and rules that a child needs?

My wife and I have very different ways of handling our children (almost 3 and 5 years old). We agree about the rules we want to set, but we are complete opposite when it comes to implementing the ...
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Alternative to the 1-2-3 rule needed

I have a 1,6 year old son. Today I first put him in "the corner" after counting to three, explaining that this would happen when he doesn´t behave. Then I told him that he should stay there until he ...
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Golden rule 'do's' and 'don'ts'' when holding a child's party - your experiences are asked!

This Saturday my 4 year old is having 5 Kindergarten friends over to celebrate being one meter tall (it's a 'one meter party'). We'll have a house and (weather permitting) garden for an afternoon of ...
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Should 18+ kids still have a tight schema for bed and PC-usage?

I'm not a parent, or in any parenting position. I am however kind of worried because of some rules in the house. I've been 18 for a few months now. And I still have quite a tight schema for bed and PC-...
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What consequences are appropriate for pre-teens?

There comes a time when time-outs don't cut it anymore. Normally, when my kids exercise poor judgement, I let them experience natural consequences. However, sometimes their actions go against what we ...
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What house rules are appropriate for pre-teens?

As my kids grow, they need different limits. Right now, the house rules are reactionary as a result of something we didn't like happening. Things like, "call home if you are going to be somewhere ...
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How strict should we be with our 14-month-old boy?

Our baby is really sweet :) Generally can be considered as a good / easy going baby. There are times though, when he gets totally out of control. I've had a discussion with a child-psychologist who ...
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