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People, real or imagined, who others choose to emulate.

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How do I deal with my son being a bully to his brother?

So, first things first; I am a step-dad. I have known the boys (ages 6 and 8 - lets call them Tim and Robert, respectively) for about 18 months now, and they do look up to me as a father figure (...
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Feeling inadequate as a parent and role model [closed]

I am a dad to 3 wonderful girls ages 8,4 and 3. I tried to spend time with them after work, playing tag or reading them stories. But when I am done with that, in my down time, I just watch sports or ...
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Children challenging traditional role models in sports, how to help them to grow to their best?

You let children do what they love to do, what their souls want them to do. Suppose children such as boys want to learn cheerleading, ballet, music, yoga, surfing and girls want to be the next Ronda ...
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Media Examples of Kind, Connected, Present, Engaged etc Father? [closed]

I've got someone in my network with parent clients where the father is having a hard time visualizing alternatives to his own toxic childhood experience. Can anyone think of some media examples (TV/...
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Should I make a particular effort to present great women of history to my daughter?

I always had my heroes as I grew up. I always liked to read about great people, and of course this more often than not meant read about great men. On my time as a child very rarely important women of ...
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