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Psychological studies based on infant, toddler, and adolescent behavior or parenting techniques and disciplinary action. Appropriate questions should relate to a study or finding in a psychological study or should deal with wanting information about certain behavior or using parenting techniques based on peer-reviewed, scholarly research by doctors of psychology.

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What is the best time for a mom to go back to work after giving birth from the psychological and healthy attachment point of view?

Given money is not a matter of concern, and the mother cares more about the health and future of her child rather than her career development/future, when is a good time for a mother to go back to ...
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Behavioural therapy - for parents - combine with… what? Pointers appreciated

TL,DR: My son's therapy is taking a break; to help me help him I am contemplating behavioral therapy for myself - as well as combining this with consequential discipline, praise and all the other ...
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