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Questions about helping children improve their problem solving skills. This tag should not be used to indicate you have a problem about a child that needs to be solved.

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Does teaching my daughter programming give them the same benefits as when I learned electronics as a child?

I grew up doing electronics, radio, and soldering kits with my Dad. Later I did programming. (This was during the 80's - during a time when hobbyist electronics was extremely popular.) Now (2017) ...
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Dealing with overprotective parents - is there anything I can do?

I have been tutoring a child, and over the past months I have come to the conclusion that the parents allow the child to stop when things are getting hard. The child has from my view only little ...
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How do I help my cousin solve puzzles with me without being upset?

I'm 25 and I babysit my cousin occasionally. I like puzzles (a good deal) and I have since I was a child. My cousin is old enough (6) to know this too. My older brother sometimes looks after my cousin ...
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Is 4 years old too young to expect them to try to handle their own social situations during play at home?

My 4 year old niece is very sensitive to the tone of your voice and hates confrontation. She cries all out if she is scolded or if your tone is even remotely unhappy. I think she figured out that if ...
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Teaching logic and problem solving to children?

We have all been there, "Critical Thinking: Solve why blah blah blah" in our elementary and high school assignments. We've all hated them to death, but I think sometimes we see the value in these ...
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Any advice on how to react to my 4 year old who gets hysterical instead of solving her "problem"?

My four year old daughter has had this issue recently where if anything goes "wrong" she completely loses it. I put "wrong" in quotes because its the slightest thing and, in particular, its ...
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