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Questions tagged [primary-schooler]

Age specific questions from about 5 years to about 8 years. Younger: pre-schooler. Older: middle-childhood.

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11 answers

What is a good strategy for getting our 5 year old to finish dinner before expecting dessert?

More and more lately, I'm finding that our 5-year old daughter starts asking for dessert before she's finished her dinner. Obviously, I'd like to find a way to manage this without it ending in a fit....
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6 answers

What can be done to help bright children stuck in a boring school?

My kids (grades 2 and 4) are very bright and very active. The traditional school setting does not seem to be working for them. This is evident by their perpetual visits to the principal's office for ...
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7 answers

How do you stop a child from using bad language and profanity?

My child has started to use swear words. This is shocking because he is using words that we don't use. I'm not sure how to react! How do I get this to stop?
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15 answers

How do you feed a picky eater?

Dinner with my 5-year-old is an ordeal. I do not want to cook separate meals. How do I stop the fighting at dinner and get them to eat?
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8 answers

How can I get my 5-year-old to stop biting others?

I have a 5-year-old son. At school, another child might have a toy he wants. He gets frustrated at not being able to get it and he bites them. This is not defensive, more aggressive. Once, he was ...
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2 answers

Is my 7-year-old child sleeping too much?

My child gets very tired and sleeps very easily. While parents of babies might find this a nice problem to have, in a 7-year-old it's possibly a concern. She easily sleeps up to 14 hours a night, also ...
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