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Questions tagged [primary-schooler]

Age specific questions from about 5 years to about 8 years. Younger: pre-schooler. Older: middle-childhood.

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abandonment anxiety in 6 year old -- how to teach him he is ok (and undo the damage from when he was young)

We struggled with certain things as parents do and our boy (now just "B") who is nearly 6 learned that he would be abandoned, he has not been able to develop past this anxiety when he gets ...
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Why won't my child speak?

My son is 6 and he is absolutely can talk lots and knows lots of words in English and Japanese. My wife is a controlling person who doesn't believe in structure- has to do some now that son was going ...
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What causes a 7 year old to be overly affectionate

My 7 year old daughter has very recently become very affectionate with her soon to be step dad. What could cause this? She doesn't see her dad often, but calls him daily. Could it be as simple as she ...
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