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Questions tagged [presents]

For all questions about presents, e. g. number and frequency of presents, age-appropriateness of gifts, effects of presents on children, how to teach a child to react appropriately to presents etc.

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Giving a gift: require that it stays in good condition, or let the child figure it out?

My 7-year old nephew is very interested in pokemon cards. Over the past few months, he has been mentioning a very rare card that he wishes he had. The card is very expensive and I am (secretly) buying ...
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2 answers

Explaining to a child the issues of inappropriate content and helping them pick cleaner games? Comforting a child after having to take away an Item?

My child got a video game from a friend's parent as a "gift". I didn't know what was in the game until we turned it on. For the first few minutes the game looked ok but later got dirty ...
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How do I give my child a second-hand present?

Our only child has mostly received new things: clothes, toys, books, etc. We have a lot of Lego (a lot of it inherited), so we don't really want to buy more. I have some Lego Technic sets that I ...
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My 4-year-old wants fairy to grant her wishes - how to keep the magic alive without always having to buy presents?

My 4-year-old daughter asked the fairy for a specific toy. I want to keep the magic alive, but don’t want to buy gifts everytime she posts her wishes to her fairy.... I’m looking for an age-...
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Too many presents from Grandma - is this bad for my child?

I think that having a lot of things for your baby or kid like lots of toys or other distractions (iPad, presents, bad food with sugar) is not a good thing. This could create a behavior of only doing ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Occasional Gift or Daily Reward?

TLDR Is there a valid argument for not giving a child a present/reward daily or am I thinking to hard about this and it is perfectly fine to give a child a daily present/reward? So my daughter ...
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Teacher appreciation week

My 1.5 year old attends a private day-care/Montessori school. This is teacher appreciation week, and I am at a loss as to what to do to express my thanks. Since this is a day-care setting, even though ...
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9-year-old received tablet as gift, but he does not have the self-control or maturity to own a tablet

Summary: Upon receiving the tablet, his first course of action was to install a game. For various reasons, I believe that he has proven himself to be irresponsible with such devices, and it would be ...
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English present for a non-English child?

I would like to gift a Disney-themed item to a Dutch child (Turning 3 in May). However, I'm buying this present in the USA, so everything will be in English. Should I stay away from English-speaking ...
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How can I tactfully ask that people refrain from giving religious items at a baby shower?

My wife has a baby shower coming up in a month or so and we are not religious, but both of our extended families are Christian. We've seen other members of her family receive religious items, like ...
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20 answers

Why would you lie to your children about Santa?

Christmas is an awesome event for children with lots of presents, but I've been thinking: Aren't the negative things it brings (telling them the truth eventually) worse than the good things? You can ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How do you handle "materialist" behaviour?

My 4 years old daughter attaches a lot of importance to toys, clothes, presents ... How do you help your kids take some distance with that ? Sample behaviour I'm uncomfortable with : asking grandma "...
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11 votes
10 answers

Should we get her a doll?

Winter is coming, and with it, Christmas and presents. We have a 3 years old daughter, who has an almost 2 months old sister, and it's time thinking about which toys to get her (we have almost full ...
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If I bought a present for a child, gave it to the parents and later they have a birthday party, do I get them another gift?

If I bought a present for a child and gave it to the parents before the child's birthday because my family and I were going to be out of town, then later the parents have a birthday party, do I get ...
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35 votes
16 answers

My son wants to bring a present to a birthday party where "no presents" was specified on the invitation

My son (3) likes to give presents. Sometimes he asks to go shopping for presents for his friends (holidays, upcoming birthdays, etc.) using money from his allowance (we designate a small portion of ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Best way to handle bad or inappropriate present?

What is the best way to handle a situation where one of the presents a child gets is either bad (broken toy); or a dangerous toy for their age (fully functional real Ninja sword); or inappropriate (...
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How do you handle present overload?

After a large (say 8+ people) birthday party, a child usually has TONS of presents (from party-attending kids; plus from parents and other relatives). What is a good approach in terms of unpacking ...
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Is it a good idea to give games that are multiplayer to a younger kid as a birthday present?

Are multilayer games (e.g. monopoly) a good present for a child's birthday? Assuming of course that the child is old enough to enjoy the specific game (e.g. elementary school age for monopoly). What ...
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What kinds of presents for 0-6 year old children?

Scenario: I have absolutely no experience with infants or very young childs. In fact, I never had closer contact with them yet. But now … I’m becoming an uncle/aunt/godparent/close family friend, and ...
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Should I tell my 11-year-old daughter that Santa isn't real?

Okay, so my daughter is 11 years old and still believes in Santa Claus. Normally, I would be okay with her believing for another year or two, but the past Christmas or two her belief of Santa is ...
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2 answers

What to do with unwanted personalized gifts?

We are so fortunate that many people have given us presents for our newborn. Some of the gifts we really enjoy. Others, not so much. We generally give away the gifts that we don't want (for whatever ...
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My son is getting presents from people he's never met; how do we teach him to appreciate the sentiment behind the gifts?

My two-year-old son is getting a lot of presents this Christmas. Quite a few of these presents are from friends of my wife, who've never actually met my son, or from relatives of mine that live out ...
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2 answers

What do you do when your child's Christmas Wishlist is full of things you cannot get her?

My daughter's wish list currently includes two items: A Little Sister and a French Poodle - neither gift is really an option at the moment. She won't add anything else to the list. I can think of ...
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4 answers

What do you do with the cousins who, at birthday parties insist on opening the presents when they are not the guest of honor?

The girls insist on opening presents for their younger cousins and brother at birthday parties where the family is included. While this was acceptable when the younger cousins (and sibling) were too ...
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4 answers

Baby gift suggestion for third boy? [closed]

What is a good idea for a baby gift for someone who has just had their third boy? They do not want to see one more blue stretchie :) - or even any piece of boy's clothing. They have toys and books, ...
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How can I teach my child not to be greedy?

It seems that today's world has gone mad in consumerism and materialism. Parents give their kids presents on all kinds of occasions where presents didn't use to be given, like random holidays ...
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