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Regarding issues that arise during pregnancy (medical, legal, planning). See also the tag [maternity] for specifics regarding maternity-wear.

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My wife wants a 4th baby, but I don't

My wife wants a 4th baby, but I don't. We have been talking about it for the last few days (talking strongly). I have raised points such as: We will get less time to spend with our current kids. ...
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Can tummy tightening cause harm to the baby in the womb?

I am 26 weeks along. While sitting down on the bed, I lost my balance which led to my tummy tightening as I re-gained my balance. Can the tightening of abdominal muscles harm my baby?
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Will smoking weed during first week of being pregnant be harmful to my baby?

My wife and I didn't know we're pregnant and in a weekend fun with friends we smoked a bit of weed - we don't usually smoke weed or cigarettes. This is not something we're regulary doing as I said, ...
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We're looking to get pregnant - what can we do to optimize our chances?

We've heard of some couples taking a long time to get pregnant, from the time when they decide to start. We're wondering what we can do to make the process faster.
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If a pregnant woman's tummy is pressed hard, can the baby in her womb get hurt?

I am 22 weeks in my pregnancy and my baby does kick and stretch at times. Yesterday he poke a limb/head/butt out on my tummy which I could see a firm lump. I showed my friend, and she pressed on the ...
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What aspects should we consider when choosing a name for our child?

I thought of this question while writing an answer to this related question. I think it would be useful to compile some ideas: When we were expecting our first child, we discovered how hard it can be ...
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Is cosmic radiation a concern for a pregnant airplane passenger?

I read somewhere that you get exposed to a non-negligible amount of radiation from the sun when you travel by air. Would this affect an unborn child's fragile DNA?!
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Music for gestation - what should baby be hearing while in the womb?

My wife now is in twentieth week of pregnancy. I would like to know which kind of music is the best for the baby's development, of if you can point me to some literature on the subject.
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How do I get a toddler to play more gently now that I'm pregnant again?

I have a 2 year old son and another baby on the way. I just recently found out I'm pregnant but not sure how far just yet. My son rammed into my stomach like he is always doing but this time it made ...
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Can a toddler tell if their mother is pregnant?

My wife is in the early stages of pregnancy with our second baby. Our daughter, who is 1 year and 5 months old, has been acting unusually cranky. Some family members have mentioned that she's ...
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Are prenatal classes worth it?

My girlfriend an I were wondering if we should attend prenatal classes. We have some really mixed opinions in our friends and family. Some say we just have to listen to the DVD because they say ...
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My wife is pregnant again, does she need to stop breastfeeding our son?

We have a 1 year old son, and my wife is now pregnant with our second child. Our doctor says she should stop breastfeeding our son because she is pregnant, because it may harm the fetus. This makes me ...
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Can contact with cat feces be harmful for pregnant women?

Is it true that coming into contact with cat feces can harm the unborn baby of pregnant women, whether by a mishap handling kitty litter or gardening in an area where cats may have relieved themselves?...
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Is it safe for a pregnant woman to be around someone smoking "e-cigarettes"?

A co-worker of mine is pregnant, and was commenting that she was going to be visiting a friend of hers that smokes "e-cigarettes" (sometimes known as "vaping"). She was concerned that her friend ...
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Pros and cons of C section (Cesarean) delivery?

Are prenatal classes worth it? +1 for mentioning the unexpected information about the c-section. No one wants to have a c-section with their first baby, but I know so many women who wound up having ...
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Does excessive laughing while pregnant cause any harm to my baby?

I am 20 weeks pregnant. I want to know if excessive laughing can cause any harm to my baby?
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Consequences of smoking marijuana during pregnancy (especially first weeks)? [duplicate]

I just found out yesterday I am 4 weeks pregnant, I am a regular weed smoker I usually smoke once a day at night right before bed just a couple hits out of my pipe so I basically smoked every night ...
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Just found out pregnant and smoked marijuana

I just found out I am pregnant and I am 11 weeks. I am embarrassed to admit I smoked marijuana (casually, not everyday) until I found out a few days ago. Aside from the health risks for my child, I am ...
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Choosing a surname for child of unmarried couple

My partner and I are unmarried and so have different surnames. Neither of us feel particularly strongly that our (first) child should have one surname or the other. We've considered giving it a double-...
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