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Questions tagged [pre-schooler]

Age specific questions from about 3 years to about 5 years. Younger: toddler. Older: primary-schooler.

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Onset of aggression towards mother

I am a mother with 4.5 year old daughter. I am also expecting a second child and am in the second trimester. Ever since we shared the news with the daughter, she became much more needy. We talk a lot ...
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What is the Best Way for an Uncircumcised Boy to Wipe After Peeing?

My son is four. His pediatrician said he should be wiping because he is not circumcised. What is the proper procedure for wiping a foreskin?
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Goddaughters can't be anywhere without me

I live in a different state as my goddaughters, but we do in person visits semi-frequently and weekly video chats. The girls, 4 & nearly 6, seem to really value their time with me, which I'm glad ...
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How best to help a language-delayed 3.5-year-old in a foreign language environment?

We are an English-speaking American family with 2 children, and have recently moved to Germany. The length of our stay is indefinite, and we've decided to try to integrate culturally and ...
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When should start the writing

I am Burmese. I have a 3 year old baby. There is a dispute among the mothers of our country as to when writing should begin. When is it appropriate to expect that a child learn to write?
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How to help my 3.5-year-old daughter who's suddenly much more attached to me and cries for everything?

My 3.5-year-old daughter has suddenly become more attached to me. She also is crying for everything. Recently, she has gone on a trip with her grandmother 1.5 months back and she used to cry there and ...
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