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A place for children to play on, usually with special equipment. Questions can center around the playground itself or social interactions taking place there.

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It is bad for children to hang by their arms and when does it become ok?

I know that it is not recommended to swing children by their arms. Swinging a child by the arms may seem like harmless fun, but experts have warned that the activity could cause painful injuries. ...
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Toddler doesn't like physical activities

My 2.5 YO doesn't like a lot of physical activities such as riding her rocking horse, swimming lessons, trampolining and using slides and swings in the playground unless sat on your knee. She also ...
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Playground diy or prefab

Moving into our first home! I have a 3yo daughter and an almost 2yo son. We are serious outdoors enthusiasts. I want a playground that we can play on for years. What are the benefits or drawbacks ...
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From what age should one heed "But I'm not cold!"?

I am regularly called on to arbitrate in the on-going dispute between 8-year-old daughter and her mother about how many layers to wear when going outside in the cold. Mum* says "More", daughter says "...
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Is it ok to play with a 10 months old baby in nature?

I have a very curious 10 month old daughter who and touches and examines everything. I'd like to take her to a small national park and show her trees, bark, and pieces of wood and rocks on the beach....
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Should I let my baby play with oranges?

I'm a father of a beautiful girl. She is 8 months old. I started playing with an unpeeled orange, tossing it in the air and catching it. My little girl noticed it and wanted to examine the orange. ...
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Should I allow my preschooler to play with other parents at the playground?

My 4 year old daughter played with another parent and his son (around 3) at the playground. They started jumping on the dad's thighs as he was sitting on the ground, so the play was physical for a ...
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Handling toddler aggression towards my child

My 2yo daughter was playing on a playground, rotating on a kind of one-person carousel. A 2.5, maybe 3yo boy approached her, obviously (to me) wanting to sit on it and use it. The boy immediately ...
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best materials for playground surface

My neighborhood park's playground is scheduled to be replaced soon, and I've started to think about the pros and cons of different surface materials. I find the idea of rubber mats appealing. I ...
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