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Issues surrounding the effects of peer pressure on children, how to provide children with tools to cope with it and strategies to solve problems relating to this.

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How to deal with excluding my son from the favourite activity of his peers?

This is about forbidding my son from participating in an activity all his friends partake in, not about the activity itself. How does one go about this when these are his only friends? (Please see ...
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Behavior changes after social events

My eight year-old son just spent a week at cub scout day camp (home in the evenings), after which he has been lying extensively. He has had problems with extensive lying before, but had mostly gotten ...
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Ways to shield a child against religious indoctrination/pressure?

What effective methods (preferably backed by some sort of data) are there for avoiding religious indoctrination or pressure on a child? Some of the possible factors I'm thinking of are: Teachers and ...
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How much should you buy for your child to keep up with their peers?

How should you go about balancing the possessions you buy for your child against peer pressure from other children (particularly at school) and parents? Many parents feel the need for their children ...
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How to help a child not copy her older sibling's behavior

This question has the same background as Getting stuck on the wrong answer, but I thought it merited a separate question. Our four year-old daughter quite frequently knows the answer, or could know ...
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How can allowing children to participate on Halloween be helpful in reinforcing good habits?

I recently wrote this: "Halloween: the one day where we encourage children to accept candy from strangers, go to strangers' homes, and vandalize property and terrorize people if they don't get ...
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How to teach an 8-year-old to navigate two groups of friends who forbid friendship with members of the other group?

My 2nd grader is coming home talking about how there are two 'teams' (her term) of girls who talk about each other, are mean to each other, and try not to allow 'their friends' to be friends with the ...
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How can I help my child handle peer pressure regarding television?

I feel there is a conflict between these two aspects: Kids talk about current trends, and they talk about what's on television right now. I'm guessing that if a child can't participate in this, he ...
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