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For all questions about pacifiers or dummies, like how to make a child take a pacifier or wean them off it. Use [thumb-sucking] for questions about thumb sucking instead.

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How can I safely keep a pacifier in a 2-month-old's mouth?

Sometimes the only thing that will keep a 2-month-old baby happy is a pacifier, but at that age, baby is too young to retrieve the pacifier after it falls out. It helps to tuck the pacifier under ...
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When should a child stop using a pacifier, and how can I help with this transition?

I am curious how a child can be helped to move on from his/her pacifier, and what age is a good age to do this?
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7 answers

Can pacifier-use interfere with breastfeeding?

I don't really want my newborn to use the pacifier because I'm afraid it will interfere with breastfeeding. The first week I'd nurse her for an hour to an hour and a half - basically until she was ...
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Do dummies ("pacifiers") hinder speech development?

I have always frowned on the use of dummies, because my mother (who ran a nursery for 25 years) was adamant that they can hinder a child's speech development. Our new baby is very unsettled and very ...
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Is it bad to use a pacifier?

I've been using it when she gets fussy and she seems to love it. Is this a bad habit to get into? I've heard there are potential dental/breastfeeding/dependency issues. Is there any truth to this?
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How do I help my 3 month old sleep better through the night?

My 3mo daughter was sleeping pretty well through the night (from 11 PM to 7 AM) for about a week, and now she wakes up every 30 mins to 1 hour wanting her pacifier. I've been running in at the first ...
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What should parents consider when selecting a pacifier?

There are a wide variety of pacifier styles and many boast claims of being more like the breast or more natural. What criteria should parents use in selecting a pacifier? Should it be based solely on ...
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3 year old, potty training and binky separation anxiety

Have a 3 yr old daughter and a 2 week old daughter. Unfortunately, before the baby came my wife and i failed at potty training the 3 yr old as well as detaching her from her binky (mostly used at ...
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Why does a pacifier trigger my baby's gag reflex?

My baby doesn't often take a pacifier, but occasionally he will. I've noticed lately that once in a while, putting in the pacifier will trigger his gag reflex and will sometimes even cause him to spit ...
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How old does a child have to be to start using a pacifier?

I guess I'd have to say I'm still struggling with this question, which is why I'm throwing it out here for others to answer: what is your feeling on giving pacifiers to young children, and how old ...
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How can I wean my toddler off the pacifier at night?

Our 14 month old is sleeping pretty well these days (last night down at 8pm, woke at 7 for a drink, still in bed with mum when I left the house at 8am!) However we do have a problem with him losing ...
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Infant needs help with pacifier falling out of her mouth, she can't keep her pacifier in her mouth. How to stop pacifier from falling out?

The real problem here. My hands are numb from putting a pacifier back in place all the time. My daughter (4 weeks old) seems not to be able to keep the pacifier in her mouth. She sucks it for some ...
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Pacifier use for very mouthy baby [duplicate]

My 9 month old baby is pretty much addicted to his pacifier, and I kind of worry about if I should set some limits to pacifier use - like, he is starting to say a couple of recognizable words, but isn'...
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What to do when a 3-week-old newborn won't take a pacifier?

Our daughter is 3 weeks old. She is good at both breastfeeding and formula. However, most of the time she won't do a pacifier. She will sometimes take a pacifier (it's a matter of seconds until she ...
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Do Soothies cause nipple confusion?

My wife and I had our first 6 days ago and have been having a lot of trouble to get him to sleep at night. We were exclusively breastfeeding until we found we needed to supplement a bit to get him ...
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Bottle sterilizers and their effectiveness

I have a baby on the way and I am looking into bottle sterilizers. My concern is if they are really effective at disinfecting. Some claim to disinfect in as little as 5 minutes. I am not sure that ...
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What to do when 3.5-year-old still asks for pacifier 6 months after weaning?

Our 3.5-year-old girl has no pacifier since her 3. birthday. Before that, she was really addicted to it, asking all the time if she could have it (although we had clear rules, only during sleep time ...
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Why aren't pacifiers used to stop infants from crying in airplanes?

WebMD says that Parents have relied on pacifiers for ages to calm crying infants. However, pretty much every time I fly in an airplane, there is one child screaming (and screaming) a few seats ...
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What to do if baby chokes on bottle or pacifier?

My 6 month old daughter is breastfeeding (I'm the Dad btw) but cannot take a bottle or pacifier because they trigger a gag reflect. But she can't go to work with her mother much longer, so ...
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Value of pacifier as a young infant's sleep aid?

There seems to be no consensus among baby-sleep experts on the value of the pacifier; some sources consider it a good sleep association (akin to swaddling and white noise), others see it as a hassle ...
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