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For questions about outdoor activities involving children, e. g. about preparations, how to protect children from dangers, suitable activities or how to parent during such activities in general. When other people are around, consider using [public-parenting] instead (e. g. in the city) or in addition (e. g. on a camping site).

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cheap and/or durable waterproof clothing for crawling baby

My child is likely to have its crawling stage in autumn this year, and I want it to stay dry when crawling outdoors. What kind of clothing can you recommend that keeps it dry and that is either cheap (...
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Young kids and other people's dogs

I have a five-year-old son. Quite often when we're walking in the countryside a puppy of a big breed will come running up to him and try to jump up and often end up knocking him over and/or scratching ...
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Toddler putting small stones in her mouth thinking it's funny

My 1.5-year-old has recently started putting small stones (the size of hazelnuts) in her mouth when we are outdoors, which of course can be very dangerous. I have tried everything I could think of ...
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My 18 month daughter wants to leave the apartment all the time

My wife is a homemaker and my daughter stays with her in the home. They go shopping 2 times a week. Everyday after work I take her out into the building/balcony/street for 30-40 minutes. She usually ...
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Baby monitor for outdoor use?

There are tons of baby monitors when searching on Google, but when adding the restriction that it has to also work for outdoor use, I can't find a single one. The baby unit have to work from -5ºC ...
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Can running with 8-month-old in a jogging stroller in the forest be harmful to the child?

I love to run and I love to run in the nature. I bought a stroller for running and today it was my first (beautiful) running experience with my 8-month-old baby, but I realized that in the forest ...
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How to make sure my 7-year-old daughter doesn't go outside alone, without scaring her or impacting her confidence?

I have a 7-year-old daughter who sometimes likes to go out without me or her mom. Last week we had an incident that she went out of the school premises and got herself in trouble. In my opinion, she ...
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How to wash a 10-month-old whilst camping for 4 days?

We are taking our 10-month-old baby camping this summer. It will be four days of festival. We were planning to just sit him in a bucket for washing. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience for ...
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How to teach a 3yo to endure during hikes?

I have a 3 year old daughter and occasionally take her on a few hours walk in the woods / bush / up a mountain. We both enjoy it. I don't expect her to be able to walk very far or climb up a mountain,...
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How to protect babies from mosquito bites?

How do you protect kids, particularly newborns and toddlers, from mosquito bites when they are playing outside? Especially when camping, at a park, etc. Can someone give me some practical advice on ...
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How often should I take my 18 month child out of home

I live in a rented apartment in HongKong and work 6 nights. The only time i get during week days is after 10 AM, that too if the weather permits. How often shall I take my child out? Is it that the ...
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What to do about our 2-year-old always running off?

When outside, our 2-year-old son always runs away from us and, when called back, thinks this is a catch game. No amount of explaining, in any tone of voice, helps him understand this is not a game and ...
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In the USA in the year 2014, does the law forbid children from being out and about without close adult supervision?

My wife and I are set to become parents within the next few months. One thing that frightens me about the prospect of being a parent in today's world, and specifically, in Littleton, Colorado, USA, ...
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Is it safe to have your baby sleep next to you in a tent?

We will be going camping this weekend and plan to have our 8-month-old baby sleep next to me on the tent floor. Is this safe? Will it work?
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When can I start to let our son play with his friends unattended?

Our son is 2.5 years. He has a high interest in cars and going outside of the house. Every day, whether it is in the morning or afternoon, he always ask us to get out of the house. If we have time, we ...
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My daughter hates all pants other than her sweats?

My seven-year-old daughter only ever wants to wear skirts, dresses, or sweat pants. Most of the time, this is just fine, but there are occasions when jeans or slacks are really the most appropriate ...
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Minimize time to pack child's things

Whenever you go outdoors for a stroller walk or car ride etc., you must pack some essential items, for instance: Diapers & towels Extra clothing Food & water Medicines Favorite toys Finding ...
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How soon until I can take my newborn to take a walk outside?

I understand that newborn's immune system is still weak and crowds/strangers are to be avoided. Knowing this, how soon can I take my newborn outside, for example to take ~1 hours walk in a non-crowded ...
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How to make a contact card for a child in case they get lost?

We are going a field trip and we are taking our 5-year-old child with us. I want to make a contact card for him, which sticks on his back, in case (God forbid) he gets lost so anyone can contact us. ...
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How do we keep kindergartners entertained while camping?

It's been a while since I've been camping and I never did so as a very young child. What types of activities and general camping prep would be appropriate for going with a kindergartner?
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Light Day-Hiking with Newborn-- baby carrier or offroad stroller?

Baby is due in late June, and we hope to continue our normal habit of light day hikes (<4 miles, no major elevation changes) with her later in the summer and into early fall. Does it make sense to ...
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What are some outdoor activities that a toddler can be engaged in while I'm working outside in the garden/yard?

My son, 2-3 years old, enjoys being outside with me but can sometimes get in the way of the work I am trying to do. If I am patient enough we both enjoy it, if not it turns sour for both of us. I ...
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