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Why do my children cry in my wife's arms but are quiet with me?

We have two sons, one is 1.5 years, the other just 3 months old. It's strange that my older child often wakes up at night and starts crying uncontrollably and just won't calm down and go to sleep ...
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My one year old daughter keeps waking up same time every night screaming and crying

I am very confused and concerned - My 13-monthld daughter wakes up between 1:30 am and 3:40 am screaming and crying in her crib. I have tried giving her a bottle of milk, cup of water, cuddling her, ...
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How to make my 2-year-old sleep through the night and not wake up as soon as I'm away?

I have a 2-year-old son. From the time he was born, my son has never been a good sleeper, but he's never been as bad as he is now. I am really losing my patience with him. I've tried everything and ...
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Street noise outside a child's bedroom - studies on how much it affects the quality of sleep?

Our 3 year old's bedroom is facing a street that has some low degree of traffic at night. There is a bus stop right under the window (we live on the 2nd floor), with buses going every 10 minutes until ...
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7 month old is waking up frequently to be picked up

We weened our 7 month old daughter off using a pacifier at night about 2-3 weeks ago. When using the pacifier, she sleep well (once she was asleep). Since getting rid of it, she sleeps through the ...
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A three week old baby refuses to sleep in his crib

We have a 3 week old sweet baby boy. We got used that for the first few months there is very little order in his feeding/sleep time, but during night time, he wakes up to eat (my wife's breastfeeding ...
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A 14 month often old waking up in terror for weeks

A 14 month old girl wakes up about 3 a.m. sometimes screaming bloody murder or just all of a sudden sitting up in bed and watching the ceiling like she sees something. It's spooky. Cats do that ...
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Toddler wakes many times in night

My nearly 2 1/2 year old daughter has now started waking up during the night mostly after 1am and waking into our room. We recently took down the cot side rail (it was one of those that converts into ...
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9 months old baby wakes up 8-10 times per night

From birth to 4 months, my baby slept very well, up to 12 hours without waking up, but after that, she wakes up several times per night, and last 2 months she wakes up about 8-10 times at night, is it ...
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9 month old waking several times a night.

My 9 month old has been waking 3 times per night for several weeks now. I do not want to reestablish the habit of night feedings but that seems to be the only way to soothe him back to sleep. I have ...
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How to help my 3-year-old who wakes up at night in fear of a bug biting his leg (again)?

My child is 3 years and 2 months old. In the last two weeks, I have seen his behaviour change - he wakes up crying around 2 am, shaking and not allowing his leg to be touched, not wanting a blanket, ...
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Very Concerning Sleeping Cycle

My son is 2y8m and he caught potentially gastro last week (threw up a few times, lost appetite). Unfortunately, as he's healing up from gastro, he caught cold (runny/stuffy nose + wet cough). He lost ...
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How to continue with removing breastfeeding at night

Our daughter is just two and a bit. My wife still breastfeeds a lot. Our nights aren't particularly great. Our arrangement was that usually I sleep in one room and my wife and daughter in the other ...
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4 month old waking frequently during first half of the night

I have two questions. Firstly is it true that baby should have the deepest sleep in the first half of night? My 4 month old baby used to have a 4-5 hours sleep after I put her to bed from 6:30pm to ...
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4 months developmental leap

We have a 4 month old daughter who has been a good night sleeper before, goes to sleep around 8-9pm and sleeps 4-5h, eats (bottle) and sleeps another 3-4h and eats, then sleeps more 3h. Sometimes even ...
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frequent awake frequency between midnight and 4am

My little one (14 weeks old) gets sleepy at around 7:30pm and sleeps till about 7am, broken into 3 sections. He is breast fed, no pumping. We have not tried any sleep training. He sleeps in his crib. ...
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What to do about a 11-month-old baby waking up screaming?

I have an 11-month-old son. He wakes up screaming. This is relatively new. Sleep training was going so well. All of a sudden, my son started waking up at around midnight, screaming. The scream is a ...
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How to help a 2-year-old waking at night?

My 2-year-old daughter wakes up at night crying and fighting. Sometimes I rock her back to sleep and she falls back into a calm sleep. Other times she pushes herself to get away from me or starts ...
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How to help my my 18-month-old daughter who may have night terrors?

I have an 18-month-old daughter. For the past few months, she has been going to bed at 8 pm. At around 12 or so she will start crying and screaming like something was wrong, but she is still asleep, ...
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What to do about our 18-month-old crying screaming with eyes closed for an hour?

Our 18-month-old boy has been crying/screaming in his sleep. A lot of sleeping issues. We will try and wake him up. But he continues to cry/scream with his eyes closed for up to an hour after "waking ...
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Trying to eliminate night time feeding, end up waking hungry very early

We got a 9-month old son that's been rocked to sleep and given many night time feedings to help him sleep. So those are two sleep associations that we are trying to eliminate. We have been working to ...
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My 5 year old is no longer sleeping all night

So for the past few months my 5 year old has been waking up and getting up in the middle of the night every night he refuses to wake his dad or I, he was eating tons of food for instance he ate whole ...
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Im scared at night! [closed]

I'm an intermediate kid and being scared of every little sound I hear in the house is getting old and wasting precious sleeping time. Every time I'm in the sleep zone, I hear a sound like footsteps ...
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