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Four year old started calling me by my first name. Is this problematic?

My four year old daughter recently started calling me by my first name. She's only doing this to me, not her mother. I found this to be a little strange and don't want to encourage it for practical ...
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What aspects should we consider when choosing a name for our child?

I thought of this question while writing an answer to this related question. I think it would be useful to compile some ideas: When we were expecting our first child, we discovered how hard it can be ...
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What should children call a step-grandparent?

My mom remarried to a great guy who has been absolutely wonderful to my kids. Ever since my mom and he were dating my kids have called him Mr. Joe. Lately my mom has been bugging me to get the kids to ...
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When do twins know their own names?

I've read that babies generally recognize and respond to their own name at around 5 months of age. How is this different for twins (particularly identical)? Being as they often (almost always!) hear ...
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What are the pros and cons of school-aged adopted children taking their adoptive parents' name?

We are in the final stages of adopting kids ranging from ages 7-12. The question has come up a time or two about last names, namely if they should keep their last names, or if we should give them ours,...
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Changing a child's name

Our son Thomas was born about 6 months ago. Now, we're feeling like he doesn't really look right for his name, and we're thinking of getting it officially changed to Charles instead. We're also not ...
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Are similar-sounding names a good choice for siblings?

We are deciding on a name for our newborn son and wanted to get some feedback on whether Ava and Evan are too close names for siblings, as it's a possible choice. Do you think these names are too ...
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Logistical downsides of child having different surname from one parent

My wife and I have kept our different surnames, but for our first child we're unsure which of those to give to her. Excluding the hyphenated option, we don't mind if she gets either my surname or my ...
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Querying a Database for Baby Names within Popularity Range?

Anybody know of a place where you can query a database for baby names with certain characteristics? (Boy/girl, popularity 150-1500 in 2005, etc)
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Partner’s family's use of shortened name for child upsets me

Almost a year ago our daughter was born and we named her Harriet. In the first week after my daughter was born my partner’s family came to visit and started calling her Harry. My partner and I had ...
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Choosing same name as a friend, how to ask or annonce?

So there's a name that we liked for our baby but I have a childhood distant friend having the same name. Would she (yeah its a she) be offended if we name our baby after her? How do I approach or ...
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When do babies start responding to their name?

I talk a lot with my almost two-months daughter. In many cases I mention her name, even though I don't think it means anything to her yet. But I was wondering: when do newborns / babies start ...
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Is there a reason American parents choose common words as surnames for their children? [closed]

I've seen many names like "Jason Fruit", "Rebecca Burger", "Sandra Bullock", "George Box", "George Bush", "Taylor Moon", "Gregory House&...
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Choosing a surname for child of unmarried couple

My partner and I are unmarried and so have different surnames. Neither of us feel particularly strongly that our (first) child should have one surname or the other. We've considered giving it a double-...
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My 33 months old calls me by her name

My toddler calls me her name. Has anyone else child ever done this. I keep telling her that is her name.
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Where can I find a complete list of truly non religious names for boys?

Where can I find a large list of boy names that have absolutely no link to religions? I found some while googling but in almost all of them I saw names such as "Clark" as non-religious names....
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Issues with naming first child with name similar to mine? [closed]

My partner is 39 weeks pregnant and we still haven't chosen a name for our boy. There is a name we both really like and fits all our criteria, except that it is very similar to mine. My name is ...
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Changing child's first name [closed]

We want to change my child's first name. In records, his first name is ROHINI SHRIHAN, but we want to make it SHRIHAN as first name and ROHINI as middle name. Now he is 3 years old and in few days he ...
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What will my soon-to-be born son's suffix be? [closed]

There is some debate amongst my family currently on how to name my soon-to-be born son: For ease of typing, I'm going to use first names only. My grandpa is named Joe. He has a 2 sons one born in 1960 ...
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