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What should children call a step-grandparent?

My mom remarried to a great guy who has been absolutely wonderful to my kids. Ever since my mom and he were dating my kids have called him Mr. Joe. Lately my mom has been bugging me to get the kids to ...
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What aspects should we consider when choosing a name for our child?

I thought of this question while writing an answer to this related question. I think it would be useful to compile some ideas: When we were expecting our first child, we discovered how hard it can be ...
11 votes
2 answers

When do twins know their own names?

I've read that babies generally recognize and respond to their own name at around 5 months of age. How is this different for twins (particularly identical)? Being as they often (almost always!) hear ...
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Are similar-sounding names a good choice for siblings?

We are deciding on a name for our newborn son and wanted to get some feedback on whether Ava and Evan are too close names for siblings, as it's a possible choice. Do you think these names are too ...
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Choosing a surname for child of unmarried couple

My partner and I are unmarried and so have different surnames. Neither of us feel particularly strongly that our (first) child should have one surname or the other. We've considered giving it a double-...
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