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The process or effects of moving to a different location (for example to another house, city or country), for example on parents and their children or when children move out of their parents' house.

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Moving state with a child

Currently living in California with a 6yo (Kindergartener). At some point in the next 2-3 years we will need to move to a different city, possibly a different state. Our kid is shy and sensitive. What ...
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What are things to consider when moving yourself and kids closer to your girlfriend?

I’m beginning to think about moving closer to my girlfriend to spend more time with her. We’ve known each other for around 7 months now and things are going great! We are both good at communicating in ...
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Fear of DAD and leaving [closed]

I'm 26 years but i still stay with my Dad because in a typical african home its a taboo for a lady to leave her fathers and live alone. They see it as her being wayward and she will not have chances ...
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What factors to consider when choosing where to live

My children are still very young and I would like for them to have a stable upbringing, preferably in one place that they can call home. I'm fortunate to be able to re-locate, but as a fairly new ...
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Impact of moving to Germany with a stepson and a toddler with signs of autism

I live in the midwestern U.S. with my wife, my 8 year old stepson and our 2 year old son who shows signs of and is undergoing therapy for autism. The company I work for just offered to relocate us to ...
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18-year-old son doesn't want to finish highschool and is smoking a lot of weed!

We are a family of three and moved from Colombia, S.A., 6.5 years ago to Bethesda, MD, from the most beautiful home. However, it wasn't our home, it was my parents-in-law's home. It is a big land, so ...
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Impact of frequent change of childcare, and how to minimise

We are a family with parents from two different countries living in a third. For family reasons, we want to move to my native country. The little one is two and a bit. For my wife, lengthy (1+ year) ...
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Start daycare immediately or after a while in a foreign country

We (2 parents, 1 child) are moving to a foreign country with a three-year old, who can't speak the local language. What are the pros and cons of the child starting in daycare immediately or very soon ...
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How would a child view a move based on materialism?

I am a husband who has been married for the last 9 years and have 3 daughters (7,3,1). Recently I told my wife that I want to move to another state because my new job lets me work remotely and the ...
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6 month old hitting her head on the floor when turning over onto her back

She just learned how to turn from on-the-stomach to on-the back, but since she's still new at it, she would hit her head onto the floor on her way down (with a soft playmat on top, but still not that ...
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17 Year Old Moving Out or Staying Home? [closed]

I'm 17 years old, progressing through High School and a local ATC. I have had some typical "Grr teenager" problems in the past that I really think I've moved past. I don't get into big fights with my ...
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How to prepare a two year old for international relocation

We are going to relocate to a different country in summer with our daughter who is going to be 2.5 then. I found this question but our situation is different and the answer does not apply. Ours is ...
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Do I move my son to a new school?

I am the single dad of a wonderful son. We have recently moved to a new house only a few miles away from where we previously lived, but it is in another school zone. So I have been debating moving him ...
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How can I help my kids prepare for a long-distance move?

While similar to this question, I would like to know how to help ease my 6 year old into a move out of state. We are going to be moving in the next couple of months, about 500 miles away. We brought ...
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How can I make sure my infant doesn't get injured on my collar bone when he suddenly jerks forward?

Lately while holding my little boy, he's been pushing his face into my chest and neck, presumably to soothe the itch of teething. Sometimes, particularly when he's tired, he moves very fast and with ...
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Typical order of learning movements for a baby

In what order do children learn moves? What comes first - rolling from back to side, or from belly to side? When does the baby learn to sit, when to crawl, etc. I am most interested in the order, ...
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When should we transition second child into first child's room?

Our first child "A" is 3½ years old and has his own room in our apartment. Second child "B" is 3½ months old and sleeps in a crib in the parent bedroom. I'll use letters for names to make it clearer ...
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Do I need to space big changes? How much?

We're moving house (within the neighborhood) in early August. In September, our 2-and-a-bit year old moves to a new daycare. But at the same time, she's also at a stage where she's getting big for her ...
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Moving to a foreign country with a 2.5 years old child

My wife and I are moving to a foreign country with our 30 months old daughter. The country we are moving to speaks a different language (German-we speak Italian) which my wife and I understand and ...
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Moving with our bilingual child

We are two German parents and we are living in an English speaking country. With our child - who just turned three - we speak German, whereas all other people (our friends, his friends, the kids in ...
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How do I prepare my preschooler for a move?

I am a parent of a 3 year old. We have a second child due at the end of April. In order to make room for then new baby we are moving at the end of this month. How do I prepare my preschooler for the ...
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What are the chances to get a child to a state school in the area you are moving to, like London?

I have a fairly specific question about primary school admissions in England. Suppose that we move to a new area with child that is already school age (e.g. move from one part to another or move into ...
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Does moving have a negative impact on young children?

I'm wondering about the impact of moving homes on my daughter who is only 2 and a half. My wife claims that it is better to stay in one place because of stability for our daughter. But I think that ...
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When is the best time in a child's development to move to a different area?

We're thinking of switching to a different region at some point in the future. We're not sure when would be best with regards to our child's education and development needs? Would it be best to move ...
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How do you evaluate schools before a cross-country move?

Unfortunately, for those of us in the US, the school our children attend is determined by geography. So, before choosing to accept a far-away job offer, or selecting a home in a new region, we need ...
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