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Questions tagged [milk]

How and when to feed milk (powder, cow milk) to your child or prepare it, its effect on children and composition, or how to make them drink it. If you want to ask about breastmilk, use [breastfeeding] instead.

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9 votes
2 answers

Is organic whole cow's milk better than "toddler milk" powder for a 1 year old?

We live in a country where it's very popular to give toddlers a follow-up powdered formula called "lait de croissance" roughly translated as "grow milk" or "toddler milk" like the one pictured here: ...
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13 votes
4 answers

How to know whether I am producing sufficient breast milk?

I have to breast feed my 9 day old for 1 hour. That is frustrating for me, and doesn't satisfy her too. Then I have to feed her about 60 ml formula. How would I know whether I am producing sufficient ...
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13 votes
5 answers

What happens when you feed cold milk to a baby?

I often read the recommendation that milk for newborns and infants (breast milk or infant formula milk) should have body temperature (~ 37°C). Usually, this recommendation is just stated as a fact (...
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7 votes
4 answers

Toddler does not like to drink milk

My daughter was big on drinking milk, but now she only drinks juice and water. Is this normal? She eats cheese and plenty of veggies and she is only one year old. I don't have any problems with her ...
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6 votes
5 answers

What food should I buy for my spouse so that she can produce more natural milk for my toddler?

I was wondering what food should I buy for my spouse so that my toddler gets more volume of natural milk rather than supplementing with milk or formula produced by companies?
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2 votes
2 answers

2 year old rarely eats food, needs bottle and milk and drinks a lot of water

My son completely refuses to eat food. If I forcefully insert it in his mouth, he tries to vomit and throws the food out of his mouth. He loves milk in his bottle, which we give him only when he is ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to give adult milk powder or powder of higher age group to toddlers?

I wanted my little ones to grow stronger, faster and smarter. So, is it recommended to give toddlers or little ones milk powder of higher age group or adult milk? e.g. For my kid of age 5, is it ...
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