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For questions about menstruation, periods, monthlies or menses. Examples are teaching a child about it or helping them cope with it.

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Breastfeeding but periods have started after 2 months. What's going on inside the body?

I'm curious to know I have periods just after a month of C-section. I'm fully breastfeeding my baby. Now he's 2.5 months old. Does periods happening decrease the production of breast-milk?
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How to tell my teenage stepdaughter to not leave her sanitary pad open in her room?

I have a 14-year-old stepdaughter and 11-month-old twins. I am on the verge of collapse. I have told her 10 times to wrap her used pad in a piece of old newspaper and to put it in polyethylene / cloth ...
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Regularity of teen reproductive cycle?

Young girls start their periods at various ages. Approximately how long does it take to be regular (i.e. roughly monthly)? If regularity does not occur, then at what point would seeking a doctor's ...
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How can a father teach his girl child about menstruation?

Usually in a home, the mother will teach her daughter about menstrual periods, but consider this following situation: In my neighbor's home the father takes care of his daughter (at present the child'...
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