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For questions pertaining to pharmaceutical drugs, e. g. how to make children take their medicine. Note that requests for medical advice are off topic, ask a qualified medical professional instead.

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What to do when my toddler has bad allergies at night?

My toddler has unfortunately inherited my bad allergies - this means that at night when the two of us are in bed, lots of phlegm will build up in the back of his throat, causing him to cough himself ...
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How do I get a newborn to swallow medicine?

When I have tried to feed my baby liquid medications (like Tylenol) with a syringe, he doesn't know what to do with the liquid and often sputters, gags, etc. How do I get him to swallow the medicine?
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How to best prepare a pre-school child for surgery and associated procedures?

My child of four years (and eight months) is soon having surgical treatment. I want to prepare them in the best way possible for the trip to the hospital and best manage any distress around the ...
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Do you have any experience with testosterone treatment to speed the onset of puberty?

My son turned 14 last fall, but has yet to start puberty. He's always been small for his age, but it's become more pronounced as his friends and classmates hit their growth spurts. His doctors have ...
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How to help my 2.5-year-old daughter take her medicine when she refuses to?

My 2.5-year-old daughter has an ear infection. She has been really healthy her entire life, and this is the first time she's gotten sick enough she needs to take any medicine in a strict schedule. ...
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Is my 4-year-old too dependent on over-the-counter medication?

I have been concerned about a particular behavior from my 4-year-old and am hoping it is just unnecessary worry. We are not by any means big on giving our children over-the-counter medication. We use ...
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How to convince a young child with ASD to begin ADHD medicine?

Our 9 year old daughter is high functioning on the autism spectrum. We applied for an IEP after seeing some suspiciously low test scores at school. Her overall intelligence (as scored by two separate ...
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Are vitamins supplements required for young children?

Do I need to add vitamin supplements to my 4-year-old's and 2-year-old's diet? Currently they like pasta, noodle, cheese, rice, carrots, broccoli, chicken and eggs. I'm wondering whether B group ...
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Why do vitamins & minerals recommendations for babies vary per country

I have visited 5 countries in my current lifetime and I have wondered why recommendations for vitamins and minerals vary so much per country. In some countries they recommend vitamin c, in others they ...
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What to do when parents disagree over medical care? [closed]

What can you do when parents disagree about medical care? In this case (friends of mine), the mother is undiscriminating about medical care. She forms highly speculative ideas about what might be ...
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Car/Booster seat for child in a spica cast?

My daughter recently had hip surgery and will be in a spica cast for the next six weeks. She no longer fits her regular car seat, or any other car seat that does not cost $500 or so (and can't be ...
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What is the way to give bitter medicine to a 2 year old child? [duplicate]

Child is 2 years and 1 month old. No, I will not close her nose to make her open her mouth. What are the other non torturous ways to give bitter medicine to the child?
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Does using antibiotics increase the risk of a child getting recurrent ear infections?

My son, thankfully, went about 18-20 months without getting an ear infection. His first one cleared up naturally. The second one didn't seem so bad, but he was given antibiotics for it. I wasn't keen ...
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How to give a medicine with really bad taste

My 4 year old daughter recently have scarlet fever. It seems antibiotics are non-negociable for it, and since she has great chance of being allergic to Penicillin, there is only one antibiotic she can ...
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How to teach a child to swallow pills?

All my kids are bad at swallowing pills. For whatever reason, it doesn't go to the back of the mouth easily for straightforward swallowing. This is particularly problematic for the oldest (now 10), ...
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In case of swallowed medicine, call poison control or 911?

I haven't had to experience this situation, but a story made me wonder what I should do in the event that someone swallows a lot of chemicals- enough to potentially be lethal, maybe. A specific ...
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How to get a 2-year old to take prednisolone

My 2 ½ year old daughter has come down with croup. She has been prescribed prednisolone which from previous experience is a bitter tasting and therefore difficult medicine to get children to ...
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How do you get a 7 month old to keep their hands soaking to treat Paronychia?

My son has Paronychia, a swelling around his nail quite possibly where he sucks his fingers a lot from teething. Online websites suggest "warm soaks" for 15 mins, 3-4 times a day using 50% water and ...
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Should we always ask to have urine tested when we go to urgent care?

Went to the urgent care the other day because of a high temp over a few days, lots of fussiness, lack of eating and when she does eat she would vomit. They did all the normal things like checking ...
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How to get schizophrenia and bipolar kids to take medication?

I have a friend, who has a child ( who is about 12-13 years old) who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar symptom. Now, dealing with a child who can't think straightly and suffer from ...
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How do you apply medicine to an infant's tongue?

My baby is 1.5 years old. She has an ulcer on her tongue and gum. The doctor gave me medicine (similar to mouth wash). I am supposed to apply this medicine to her tongue and gum, without her ...
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Getting young children to take meds

My sons is on this horrible tasting medicine. He hates taking it. We have tried mixing it with ice cream, apple sauce, and milk. He then refuses to eat/drink that. It ends up I have to wrestle with ...
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How should parents handle disagreement over medicine?

I don't believe in homeopathy1), but my wife does. Regardless of your personal stance on this, I'd like to know what are good ways to resolve a disagreement on homeopathy? I know the underlying ...
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