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What advice should I give to a teenage girl who often has lice when she goes to her father's place?

My step-daughter who is 13, often gets lice when she goes to visit her biological father for a long period (at least a week). The guy is taking her to his friends's place, the places are definitely ...
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Son has roughly 20 lice. Could he got them just yesterday?

Just got a phone call from other parents where my son played yesterday and they informed me they have lice. We used the anti lice shampoo and combed out roughly 20 lice, some of them clearly grown up....
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4 votes
3 answers

Combing head lice from very curly frizzy hair

This question is not about head lice treatments, it's specifically about using a nit comb on a child with very curly hair, mixed ringlets and frizzy hair. The problem I am faced with is, getting the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

My toddler has dandruff in her hair, and we've found tiny insects on her scalp

My two year old daughter has tiny insects in her hair, and now her mom is crying. I decided to write this story here for your solutions. Today, after her bath, her mother saw what we believe to be ...
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