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Should I meet with the parents of my son’s boyfriend even though they don’t know their kid’s sexuality?

My 16yo openly gay son wants to meet his online boyfriend at the Mall. He never had a bf before. However the boyfriend’s family wants to meet with us before, just to know who we are. They don’t have a ...
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My 12yo. daughter told me she's gay, but not my wife. What should I do? [closed]

Ok backdrop..My wife and daughter kinda have that butting heads type relationship which has made it always easier for me to be close to my daughter. Just a few days ago my daughter and I talked about ...
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17 year old son decided he is a girl but previous to coming out has never shown signs of feminine behavior [closed]

My now 18 year old son came out as transgender six months ago. He has never been girly. He is a stinky teenage boy, who does not clean his room, has to be forced to bathe and his voice and manner of ...
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What do I say to 10 yr old daughter says she's a lesbian [closed]

I found out my 10 year old daughter(11 in 3 months) told her two best friends she is a lesbian. One friend is a boy who's been her best friend since they were 3 and the other is her best girlfriend. ...
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How do I come out as agender?

I'm 12 years old, 13 in a few days. (Please don't report me for being underage.) I'm agender, pansexual, demisexual human. I've thought long and hard about this. I want to come out to my parents. They ...
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15 year old daughter has a crush on a girl

So, I normally don't snoop when I go into my kids bedrooms. For some reason when I walked into my 15 year old daughters bedroom and saw a journal sitting there I opened it and read it. I realize I ...
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My daughter just turned 13 and confides in me she wants to be a boy [duplicate]

Last week my daughter turned 13. The following day my mom left with my daughter to go babysit my 12 year old niece while her parents are out of town. I didn't see my daughter again until Saturday but ...
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How to raise a more tolerant 13yo boy towards LGBT?

I've recently noticed my 13yo to be uncomfortable around LGBT topics. Not that they are common in our daily life but it has made me want to show him the short animation "In a heartbeat". I ...
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What can I do to encourage children I mentor to be tolerant of other's differences if parents don't want an open discussion about it?

I believe strongly In encouraging children to be open and respectful of everyone regardless of their differences, That everyone should be loved regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, ...
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How much protection from me coming out as a transwoman does my child need?

I am a transwoman or feeling like that. My wife says she accepts my coming out and my needs in this direction but wants that neither she (which is desirable for her though not the topic here. She ...
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My 15-year-old son is gay. How do I express my feelings about this?

Recently, my 15-year-old son has been acting very strange around the house, which isn't like him at all. Whenever we try to talk to him all we get back is "yes I'm fine" or "Go away", which really ...
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Is it okay to encourage a transgender teen to consider genderqueer and transfeminine as alternatives to transgender?

My oldest child (17) told us that he has been struggling with finding his "presentation" and he "thinks" the answer is that she's a woman. Oldest is searching for the right female name and wants to ...
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My 13 year old daughter says she wants to be a boy. This is out of character for her. Is this a phase?

My daughter, 13, has said she wants to be a boy. A little background: we moved to a new state a year and a half ago. In her new school, she felt isolated among her peers until she met a girl in art, ...
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How to help my 11-year-old daughter who is confused because she likes a girl?

My 11-year-old daughter came to me and told me that she thinks she has feelings for another girl. She explained it as she has the same feelings for this girl that she has had for a boy all school year....
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My wife wants a homosexual child

We are planning to have our first child in about a year. My wife is very much into raising them genderless (or "post-gender" style) while my take on it is that we should raise them in a non-...
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How do you support/cope with your 15yr old daughter wanting to become a boy?

I'm going to give a quick history on this to support my question. When my daughter was 12, her & I moved to my hometown, where we already had friends and family that we are very close with. After ...
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I just learned my 15 year old daughter has come out to her friends - should I say anything to her...OR to my wife?

This past weekend I learned that my 15-year-old recently came out to two of her friends. I learned this in a couple of ways: The two of us just traveled alone for a weekend, and she let me use her ...
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From what age onward can we see that a child is homosexual? [closed]

Is there a lower limit to the age at which one could first determine that a child is homosexual? If so, what age is it?
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How should I handle a little boy who likes girls' toys?

I have a 5-year-old boy who likes to play with girl stuff. He doesn't like to dress up or anything like that, he just loves to dress up the Barbies, and he will even help me with my clothes by telling ...
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20 yo daughter left home to live with a "bad" girl - what should I do?

My daughter of 20 left home a week ago when I found out she had been seeing a friend I disapprove of completely. Countless arguments, violence, police, stealing, and lying are some of this girls ...
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In Rural India; 14 yo daughter broke her friendship due to her feelings on homosexuality. What to do?

How do I help my daughter understand that being lesbian or gay is normal and as acceptable as being straight? I have a 14-year-old step-daughter who has come here 20 days back to visit us. We live in ...
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Daughter is 11 and really upset that she may be lesbian

My daughter is 11 and confused. She recently read a book which at the end the character found himself to be gay. She said that she now has thoughts of girls kissing and it makes her sick, she ...
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How do I approach my 13-year-old daughter's confusion regarding her sexuality?

My 13-year-old daughter is fascinated and obsessed with another girl. She is not able to do her normal routine things. She has not even talked to the girl yet the girl occupies her full mental space. ...
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My 13 year old is sexting need advice

Today I went through my daughters Kik account (a messaging service) just to make sure she wasn’t getting “creepers.” From what I have seen in the past, she is very behaved on there (i.e., she refuses ...
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14 yr old lesbian/bi daughter wanting to have her girlfriend over. What to do?

My 14 year old daughter recently broke up with a boy she was dating for 7 months because she fell in love with a girl. I totally support her as I had a similar experience when I was in my 30's. My ...
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Just found out my daughter might be gay. Now what?

I recently came across a photo on my 14 year old daughter's iPod of a letter from a girl friend of hers that expressed her feelings for my daughter. Words like "I do melt in your eyes" and "I can't ...
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How to tell my son (10yo), somebody he knows as a man, is actually a woman?

My adult step-daughter is in a same sex relationship. I love her and support her decision, if this makes her happy. I'm neither pro or against homosexuality ... actually, I'm not even neutral, I'm ...
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How should a parent react when their child comes out of the closet to them?

Several of my good friends, including my best friend, are gay/lesbian/queer. All of them have told me that coming out was one of the most emotional and difficult things they've ever had to do. Their ...
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What is a positive way to handle a boy who acts like a girl?

My 3yo regularly plays and acts like a girl. For example, he likes to take his arm out of one sleeve on his shirt and pretend he's a princess. He loves to dress up in his mom and sister's clothes. He ...
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