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How much protection is provided by a partial course of COVID-19 vaccine? [closed]

How much protection is provided by the first two injections of the three-injection Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for toddlers? I cannot find this information anywhere. I am asking not because I plan to skip ...
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How to help a teenager who can't have injections

My 13yo daughter can no longer handle injections, and has missed 2 vaccinations. She wants to have them and willingly goes to the appointment, but once there totally freaks out and is unable to get ...
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How to burp my 2 months old newborn baby just after vaccination?

Tomorrow is the day my baby gets the 2 months vaccines. I know it's going to be a busy day for us as parents. I'm worried about how to burp my baby and not hurt him, because it can bring back the ...
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Migrating to another continent between vaccines

I am planning migrate from overseas to my homeland when my infant becomes around 3 months old, she is 1 months old now. Though she will start some vaccines soon in two weeks. However, we cannot finish ...
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14 month old baby no longer eating or drinking after MMR vaccine

My 14 months old daughter has stopped eating recently and drinking also. Before, she used to eat many different kinds of food. About 3 weeks ago we took her to the doctor for her MMR vaccination and ...
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Vaccination doesn't cause autism, but what does? [closed]

It is proven that vaccinations doesn't cause autism. But I read from various internet/documentary/newspaper sources which claim that they have personally witnessed their child showing signs of ...
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How to prepare my 4-year- old for his 4 year vaccinations?

My 4-year-old is going to have his vaccinations. It seems like when they are younger, you can handle it better. Sow that he is older, and understands more concepts, are there any tricks or things you ...
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Vaccine reactions

Does anyone have any experience with severe reactions to vaccinations and how to proceed? My 2 month old had a severe reaction to his first round of standard vaccinations.
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Have there ever actually been any studies proving some immunizations cause autism? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the objective arguments against immunizations for infants and children? I have heard a lot about autism being caused by some immunizations, but haven't found any ...
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What are the pros and cons of a chicken-pox party vs immunization?

Growing up in the US, most kids I knew (myself included) were exposed to Chicken Pox through Chicken-Pox parties where kids were allowed to play with a child who already had the Chicken Pox. Now that ...
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What are the objective arguments against immunizations for infants and children?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the alleged harmful (potential?) side effects of vaccinations/immunizations for infants and children. What are the objective arguments against immunizing?