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Handwriting focuses on teaching, practicing, and improving a child's handwriting skills and legibility. Additionally, it could refer to improving fine motor skills directly related to strengthening their ability to write effectively.

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My son's handwriting is so poor that even he can't read it. How can I help him improve?

My son is 14 years old, and his hand writing is really bad. Teachers complain that they can't read what he writes. What can I do to help him improve his hand writing? Is there some kind of specialist ...
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How to help 6 year old be self-confident about writing

My son's writing is totally fine for his age. We are trying to teach him the many ways to improve his handwriting: Capital letters, tall/small/fall letters, full stop, spacing. And his creative ...
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Should I be concerned about my preschooler son being sometimes getting capital letters backwards?

I live in Japan. My wife is Japanese. My son is nearly 5. He has been heavily exposed to the alphabet mostly capitals. Before he was writing he was putting letter tiles and foam letters backwards and ...
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When should start the writing

I am Burmese. I have a 3 year old baby. There is a dispute among the mothers of our country as to when writing should begin. When is it appropriate to expect that a child learn to write?
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6 year old has habit of holding the pencil too tight and pressing too hard while writing

I came to know about this problem in her a bit late. Because of this problem she gets easily tired while writing and the writing turns out to be bad. I have got extra dark pencils for her and though ...
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Should you teach your children to identify letters or write letters first?

My oldest daughter is 3. I'm trying to teach her how to read and write (in English). My daughter can recite the alphabet A-Z, but cannot identify the letters. She can trace over letters that I write ...
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How to teach writing to a left-handed child?

My son is 3 years old. He has a tendency to use his left hand more than his right hand. I have seen he holds the pencil easily with his left hand. I suppose he is going to use his left hand for ...
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How to further an aptitude toward early literacy?

Every so often in our 2.5-year old daughter's life I catch myself marveling at some skill that our daughter seems to master far beyond what I naively expected her to be able to do. I'm sure many ...
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Writing lessons for pre-KG child

I am just wondering whether I should start writing lessons for my 4 years old daughter. The lessons consists of drawing letters A, I and O and some coloring (currently O is most difficult letter to ...
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My son started kindergarten and doesn't like writing his name. How should I think about this?

My son did his first day of kindergarten last Friday. On his first day of school he came home and said, "I had to write my name lots of times on sheets of paper. I didn't like that." My son ...
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What methods can be used to improve handwriting?

My son is 5yo and has recently started kindergarten. I would like to help him practice his handwriting but find he gets rather bored just copying letters I write for him. He does a little better when ...
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Helping my four year old not mistake 'b' and 'd' (or 'p' and 'q')

My four year old (nearly five) is reading very well, level 2 easy readers already, and in general showing signs of enjoying reading quite a lot. He still has one issue that trips him up constantly, ...
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What is an effective order to teach writing the alphabet?

In Kindergarten I remember learning to write the print alphabet in a non-alphabetical order. Later, in 2nd grade, we also learned script out of order. The reason for this was that we were learning ...
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My 4.5-year-old son has no dominant hand

We never really knew if my son was left or right-handed. He can use any most of the time. A doctor said that sometimes it takes longer time to know which hand is dominant, so we never paid attention ...
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Why is the handwriting my son does at school so poor?

My eight year old son brings homework from school every day. When we sit at the table and work through it together he produces lovely, legible handwriting, albeit with continuous supervision and ...
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How old should a child be to start creative writing?

My daughter is 6 years old and she loves to tell stories. However, she finds writing to be tedious. She does practice writing each letter and she can write words. What I am most interested in, is ...
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What are the merits of teaching a child to type correctly at the expense of time practiced with handwriting?

Obviously, there are still times when printing by hand is needed and while I am not a proponent of dropping handwriting all together, I do wonder about the necessity of cursive and extensive daily ...
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Recommendations on helping my left-handed preschooler when my husband and I are right-handed

My four-year-old is very obviously left-handed. We've suspected that he's left-handed for a couple of years now, but now that he's starting to learn to write, it's obvious. Every time he tries to ...
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How can a pre-schooler improve her handwriting skills?

My brother's daughter is 6 years old. She is very smart and picks up things very easily. But when it comes to handwriting, she is not doing good. What techniques or tools can we give her in order to ...
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