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For questions pertaining to gifted children, e. g. how to support them or how to find out whether they are gifted or not. For questions about gifts, use [presents].

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What can be done to help bright children stuck in a boring school?

My kids (grades 2 and 4) are very bright and very active. The traditional school setting does not seem to be working for them. This is evident by their perpetual visits to the principal's office for ...
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Kid genius help

I am the legal guardian of a kid, after his/her parents were found incapable of taking care of him. Okay from day 1, I saw that he/she couldnt make any friends and knew things normall a 6 year old ...
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Finding Great Books at the Right Level

My daughter began reading at age three. When we enrolled in Kindergarten, she was tested and it was discovered that she could already read (and comprehend) at a fifth grade level at age five. She ...
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How can I teach a teenager to plan better and procrastinate less in his studies?

The teenage boy of my girlfriend is starting his first year of senior high school next September. As a gifted teenager, he does not do a lot but still gets good grades -- very good grades actually. ...
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How can I help my child who is advanced in programming to meet others at the same skill level?

My child just turned 14 years old, and one of his hobbies is programming. He knows JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby, Python, some Java, and a bit of C++, Bash, and PHP. He also uses Git, Vim, and ...
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How can I help a child stay motivated in learning to program?

How could I help a smart preteen child (pre-teen) learn programming? He does well in school, and he has skipped 2 grades and is an introverted stereotypical nerd. He is very interested in web ...
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How can I tell if my toddler is truly gifted or just bright?

I'm the father of a 2 years and 4 months old daughter. I can't understand if she's gifted or just very bright. We live in Italy, where giftedness is not recognized by law and there are no special ...
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What do I do about the fact that my child can already read, write and do math before entering first grade?

My nearly 6 year-old son is going to first grade next year. He's already reading quite fluently and writing. He does basic math (without writing). He has great sense of humor, and he loves to make ...
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How do you address a 5 year old that has problems accepting corrections?

My 5 year old niece who is 'kind of' smart, (i.e. was playing solitaire online before her 3rd birthday and is now doing 4 digit addition/subtraction and multiplication up to 5's; and reads chapter ...
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How can one tell if an infant is developmentally advanced?

How can I tell if an infant is developmentally advanced? For example, in a 10 month old baby boy: he likes to play the piano and drum; he is always making sounds or noises with his mouth or toys all ...
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What are the pros and cons of having an advanced student skip a mid-elementary grade?

At the end of third grade, our daughter's teacher approached us (and our school's principal) and suggested that with her test scores (high-school level) and level academic mastery, we should put her ...
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