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How should I handle a little boy who likes girls' toys?

I have a 5-year-old boy who likes to play with girl stuff. He doesn't like to dress up or anything like that, he just loves to dress up the Barbies, and he will even help me with my clothes by telling ...
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56 votes
18 answers

How do you raise an intelligent and happy daughter in a sexist world?

I don't have enough space to explain my reasoning. I just don't want my daughter to be influenced by the media or the general opinions of "society". My daughter is a baby in my womb. I've decided no ...
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12 answers

I want to expose my 5-year-old daughter to boys and girls toys equally, but she just turned her nose up at Star Wars. What do I do?

My aspiration is to give my daughter experiences of boys and girls toys. My background is that I work as a software engineer and had experiences of LEGO, Meccano, programming and sci-fi movies. I don'...
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TV shows for toddlers that don't teach bad gender and race dynamics

My daughter is almost 1 and for various reasons outside the scope of this question, I like putting on TV shows that she'll watch on and off while she's playing. My current options are things available ...
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