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For questions about air travel with children, including preparations, airport, flying vehicle (e. g. airplane) and its aftermath.

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Midnight Flight with 3 Kids Under 6

We are embarking on a midnight flight, accompanied by our three little ones, all under the age of 6. We could really use some helpful advice on how to best organize their sleeping schedules both ...
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Infant bouncing solution for long-haul flight

Our 6-month old is totally dependent on bouncing on our gym ball to get to sleep. We are trying to wean him off it and use other methods but aren't getting very far. In a couple of months we will be ...
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Why aren't pacifiers used to stop infants from crying in airplanes?

WebMD says that Parents have relied on pacifiers for ages to calm crying infants. However, pretty much every time I fly in an airplane, there is one child screaming (and screaming) a few seats ...
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How to entertain a 2-year-old on an airplane?

In about 2 months we will be going on a trip which involves a 5 hour flight. Our 2-year-old is typically very active and I'm really worried that he will have a hard time on the flight. What are some ...
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Flight travel during pregnancy

Can flying cause any problems during any stage of pregnancy ? Is there any harmful effect on the baby or mother ?
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What factors should I consider when deciding to let children fly unaccompanied?

Some family members have invited my two older kids to visit for a week next summer. The plan is that the children would fly there, and then we (and the youngest sibling) would drive up a week later to ...
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Is plane flight safe for a newborn?

I have been pregnant for 38 weeks and 3 days. I booked my plane ticket a while back to go to New York in December and I am bringing my baby with me, but by the time we go to there and he will be about ...
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How can I assuage my pre-teen's fear of flying

My parents are moving to Florida soon and have asked for my help moving their car. I thought it would be nice to take my pre-teen daughter (almost 12 yo) with me on the ride down for a short visit. ...
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What's the cleanest way to change a diaper on an airline flight?

I've gotten the technique of changing a diaper in a public restroom down fairly well if there's a counter or changing station. But recently we took a flight and I discovered I have no idea how to ...
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How many plane flights per year are considered unhealthy for a toddler?

It's all in the question I think. Assume varying flight times, but one long distance flight of more than 12 hours.
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Plane activities for little ones

I am taking four children ages 2,3,4, and 8 on a 4+ hour plane ride. Ideas for entertaining them WITHOUT plugging them in for the entire time would be much appreciated. We have the basics, crayons, ...
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Is cosmic radiation a concern for a pregnant airplane passenger?

I read somewhere that you get exposed to a non-negligible amount of radiation from the sun when you travel by air. Would this affect an unborn child's fragile DNA?!
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When flying with an infant, what airport security restrictions for breast milk/formula/baby food apply?

We're planning on taking a short (1-2 hour) air trip in a couple of months. Our son will be 11 months old by then. Given the delays with getting through security, the amount of time in advance we'll ...
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What should I consider when flying with an infant?

My wife and I will be traveling to the US next month and we're going to take two flights, probably one of 2 hours and the other 4. Although my 7-month-old son already sits by himself, I'm not sure I ...
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What are some tips for making an international flight with a toddler?

We're traveling from SF to Paris (direct) with our 20-month old soon. What are tips for surviving the flight and not having everyone hate us?
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