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The teacher erased 3 pages of my 5 year old's completed homework

I have a 5-year-old smart child. He does his homework as neat as he can. Yesterday, he stayed up for an hour doing 3 pages of homework as good as he can and today when checking his copy-book, I found ...
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17 answers

Our 3½ yo girl is frustrated by not being able to colour within the lines

As most kids, my daughter loves to draw and colour pre-printed templates. She started quite early (on her own, improvising with any paper that had outlines on it), then progressed rather quickly from ...
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4 answers

What methods can be used to improve handwriting?

My son is 5yo and has recently started kindergarten. I would like to help him practice his handwriting but find he gets rather bored just copying letters I write for him. He does a little better when ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What are the pros and cons of colouring books?

What are the pros and cons of colouring-in (as opposed to freehand drawing) for pre-school and primary age children? I'm asking in response to this question: At what age should I tell my child to ...
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5 answers

At what age can a child learn to use scissors?

When should we as parents teach our child to use scissors for cutting a piece of paper? At what age typically can a child use scissors properly, i.e. with one hand?
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Is handedness predetermined genetically?

A follow up question to When will we know if our child is left- or right-handed?. Is handedness predetermined genetically? Or is it something the baby somehow learns, or maybe it is a result of some ...
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2 answers

How to check the fine motor skills development

My son is 8 yrs and has had problems with his motor skills. In particular, he had difficulties holding a pencil. He is now writing beautifully, but still hesitates to write and draw. When eating, he ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Do baby massages improve motor skills and emotional development?

I find a lot of parents take their baby to get baby massages. I have heard that babies who receive periodic baby massages (such as once a week) are showing rapid development in their motor skills and ...
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9 answers

How can a pre-schooler improve her handwriting skills?

My brother's daughter is 6 years old. She is very smart and picks up things very easily. But when it comes to handwriting, she is not doing good. What techniques or tools can we give her in order to ...
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1 answer

How does a child develop "handed-ness"?

I've noticed that my son generally experiments fine motor skills initially using his left-hand (stacking, eating with utensils, coloring) and then shifts to using his right more often. I'm honestly ...
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12 votes
4 answers

How do I help my son with fine motor skills?

My son's first grade teacher called the other day and says that he has problems holding his pencil. I knew that he didn't like writing and pretty much refused to write his name on any of his work in ...
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Everything my 4 year old son draws is abstract. Is this a problem?

My son does a reasonable amount of painting, drawing etc. although his main love is sport. However everything he produces is abstract. It's always patches of different colour. His technique has ...
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