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My pre-schooler is out of control, and I feel like my parents are undermining my relationship and authority with her

Alright, I guess a little back story would help. I am a single mother and an only child, I will be 21 in a few months. I've graduated high school with honors and have been raising my daughter on my ...
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How do you feed a picky eater?

Dinner with my 5-year-old is an ordeal. I do not want to cook separate meals. How do I stop the fighting at dinner and get them to eat?
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10 answers

How do you address sibling rivalry?

My children (7&9) always seem to be trying to get each other into trouble. The frequent sniping, digs, put-downs, and exclusion cause me concern. Many times the fighting comes down to a control ...
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Teaching children how to fight back

When I was growing up, my mom taught me that if someone hit me, I was supposed to fight back with all I had, and there was no such thing as fighting fair. "Don't stop until an adult pulls you off of ...
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Is placing my child in the same class as a close cousin a bad idea?

My son is going to be starting preschool this Fall. He has a first cousin close in age that's going to be attending the same school. Is it a bad idea for close cousins to be in the same class? Does ...
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Don't touch my hair!

I have little twins that aren't two years old. One of them I have no problem washing his hair; he even laughts when I dry it with the towel. His brother screams his lungs out every single day, every ...
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How to get 4 year old to stick up for himself but not turn into a bully?

My 4 year old son is big(tall) for his age but he is very sensitive and can be a bit timid sometimes. Recently I took him to a soft play area and he was just playing and minding his own business when ...
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I hate my child, what should I do?

Please note that I will keep personal details vague, because it's a controversial topic and I want to stay anonymous. That may read cold hearted, but I assure you I wouldn't ask here, if I wouldn't ...
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How can I mediate intense sibling rivalry?

My daughters, aged 6 & 3-and-a-half, go through phases of intense rivalry. I generally hold an attitude of not getting involved, but sometimes the fight either requires intervention as tempers ...
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2 answers

Older sister grabs whatever her younger sister holds

My 5yo daughter is getting so jealous of her 2yo sister that she grabs everything that the other picks up (it can be anything from worthless plastic bag to newspaper) and throws a fit. Now her sister ...
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How important is making up after a fight?

How important is making up after a fight and what are the do's and dont's? My child has recurring fights, verbal and physical, with other children in our street. Most of the children will fight ...
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Hi I am under 14 and i wonder why my parents are fighting so much [closed]

Why are my parents fighting so much when I mention how my day went at school my mom says thats great and then i use the bathroom and i come back to the table they are screaming at each other my mom ...
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How to punish my 5 year old bully?

My five year old daughter has been in kindergarten for a whole year. Now she is going into grade 1, but she has become a bully. This past Friday she pushed a kid off the play structure at the school. ...
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How Do I Stop My Two Kids from Fighting? [closed]

My kids are fighting with each other for no reasons. They are twins (4 year old). Sometime they get too serious. Punishment is not the way I really like. Please share some cool ideas.
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How do I ease the tension after children's fight?

What should I do after my children (13-year-old and 17-year-old) have had a big fight and are now not talking to each other for over a whole day?
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I want more time with my wife in our blended family, but she says no. [closed]

My wife and I have been married for about 8 months. We both have two children, each. I moved into her house with her kids. I have my kids twice a week and every other weekend. I told my wife I ...
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how to prevent my parents from divorcing [duplicate]

I'm am 13 years old and my parents have been fighting a lot they stay up all night fighting. Most nights when they do fight I never get any sleep I just cry. I want to tell them how I feel and I tried ...
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I really need help to not let my parents get a divorce [duplicate]

I'm 13 and yes, I know I'm young and don't understand marriage and stuff, but I can't let my parents get a divorce, my mom is the only one who has mentioned wanting a divorce ever, my dad at least ...
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Effectively “disciplining” my parents-in-law

I’ll start off saying this is question is probably not the best fit for this SE, if someone has a better suggestion I’m open to it. Background: about a year ago, my parents-in-law moved in with my ...