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Similar to the tags [eating] and [food] but focused on infants that don't eat on their own yet.

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Do I really need to wake my newborn to feed him?

We have a two week old child. He's eating well during the day, eating at least 8 times a day, and is breast feeding. His weight gain has been 'normal' so far, and he regained his original birth weight ...
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Why is my newborn crying constantly?

my 4 week old daughter will not stop crying. We've tried everything from sucking, both on pacifiers and fingers to breastfeeding, white noise, movement, diaper is clean she doesn't seem to have a ...
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How long can a 3-month-old go without eating?

My 3-month-old son has started sleeping through the night, with a vengeance. He sleeps for hours. And when he finally wakes up and I expect him to be starving, he's often still ready to happily play ...
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How can I switch an exclusively breastfed 1-year-old to food?

My 1 year old daughter eats very little. Infact she doesn't even drink bottled milk. Not to mention she hasn't gained much weight in the last couple of months. She mostly survives on mothers milk. ...
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11-month old daughter suddenly refusing to eat lunch/dinner

My 11-month old daughter has, in the past week, become extremely fussy and at some meal times is refusing to eat. For breakfast, we usually give her weetbix/rice cereal with milk (warmed in the ...
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2-and-a-half-year-old child refuses to take her food [duplicate]

My 2-and-a-half-year-old child refuses to take her food. We have to force her to eat. I even tried changing her food to suit her tastes but still need to force her. Please help.
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How can I get our baby awake enough to feed and nurse?

We've been told a few times that our situation is ideal, that we shouldn't be worried about it, but our newborn (going on two weeks Wednesday) seems content to sleep for hours at a time, only really ...
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Is it dangerous to microwave formula if I swirl the bottle and test the temperature afterwards?

The overwhelming consensus online is that microwaving a babies bottle can be "dangerous" because microwaving formula can produce hot spots. However, if you simply swirl the bottle you can even out the ...
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How can we make our newborn accept the bottle?

Our baby has mainly been breast-fed so far, and, while it has worked reasonably well (she's gaining weight), it would be nice if I, as the father, could feed her once in a while to allow my wife some ...
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Why has my infant stopped eating?

My 10 month old has been a very good eater since we started feeding her solids at 6 months. She has been eating all sorts of things - she has 8 teeth, so has no trouble eating most table foods. She'd ...
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If you warm whole milk, can it be saved in a refrigerator?

If you warm up whole milk prior to feeding a child and the child doesn't drink it all, can you save it by putting it in the refrigerator to warm up again later? Is this a bad idea?
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Why is my daughter pulling at her ear when she is eating?

I've read that this can happen during teething, and she is now 4 months. Thing is, she doesn't have any teeth and isn't really showing the signs in full force yet. She's not in any discomfort than I ...
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How to simultaneously spoon feed twins?

My wife and I are on different schedules which during the week leaves one parent alone with the twins. Feeding the twins bottles at the same time has proven to be relatively easy. We are now in the ...
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How to improve the introduction of solid food?

My wife and I have six month old twin daughters whom we have just begun to feed solid foods. Per our doctor's instructions we have begun feeding the girls Beech-Nut Rice Cereal. In an effort to ...
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According to the following symptoms, is our son ready for mash?

It seems as if our six months old son has difficulties digesting his first lunch mash. We are using mash as it was described in several books: carrots mash carrots + potato mash carrots + lamb meat ...
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Teaching kiddo to swallow semi-solids

Kiddo is a little over seven-months old. We've been trying to get him on semi-solid foods for about a month now, trying once a day or every couple of days. We've tried the standard stuff: baby oatmeal,...
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What kind of spoon should be used to feed the infant who is used to be fed by the bottle?

The tea spoon holds quite a less amount of milk. The kid of 5 months old is used to bottle feeding for past 4 months. I was thinking of using a soup spoon instead (which is round and has depth). Will ...
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