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Discussion of parents who may have (or feel that they have) a favorite child, and the ways that can affect a family.

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How to deal with toddler favoritism?

My wife and I have two children: a 2.5-year-old girl, and an almost 8-month-old boy. The girl loves her mother and snuggles her and is affectionate towards her...when I'm not around. However, when I ...
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Do my parents hate me?

I think my parents hate me. They love my younger brother who is three years younger than me ( I am 18 ). They appreciate whatever he does. They appreciate whatever he says. Even when I say something ...
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Why do some parents have a favorite (or least favorite) child? How can this be avoided?

Playing favorites with one's children is clearly a moral grey area at why do we do it? I'm a personality psychologist by training, and particularly well-exposed to heritability research ...
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