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Evidence that kids from big families are happier and better-functioning

I have for a long time believed that kids with many siblings are happier and better-adjusted personally and socially, and that these outcomes increase with the number of siblings. Are there indeed any ...
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My 3-year old baby girl has been holding in her poop since she was young. What can I do?

Her poop problem worries me too much. I do not know what to do, or how to start and look for what might help her. My baby is in pain. This is so sad watching her holding, and sometimes I beat her.
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Will a mother's crazy work hours affect child development in the womb?

My wife sometimes has to work 24 hours straight at least twice every three weeks, and it is very taxing on her, and she usually doesn't fully get back to norm until the weekend. She is a programmer, ...
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My wife wants another baby but we are already grandparents! Help! [closed]

My wife wants another child. We have 9 already between us. Our oldest is 23 and youngest just turned 2. Our oldest made us grandparents in April and just found out that she's expecting again. I am ...
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planning babies in a quick succession?

What are the pros and cons of planning babies in a quick succession and then stopping it altogether. e.g: planing one baby per year and then stopping at number three. Thus Is it a wise thing to get ...
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My wife wants a 4th baby, but I don't

My wife wants a 4th baby, but I don't. We have been talking about it for the last few days (talking strongly). I have raised points such as: We will get less time to spend with our current kids. ...
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What precautions do I need to take in the event that my baby is born with Hemophelia?

My wife and I recently got pregnant with our first child. My sister-in-law's son is a Hemophiliac (Hemophilia A). She's a carrier. There's no evidence of the disease in the family before them, but ...
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