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Baby intermitant squint - Can an orthoptic assessment be done for a baby aged 1 year 3 months

Baby aged 1 year 3 months seems to have an intermittent squint, especially when he looks far away up. Can an orthoptic assessment be done for a baby aged 1 year 3 months who has intermittent squint? ...
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2 year old toddler closes her eyes only in the classroom in school

Our 2 year old closes her eyes in the classroom in school, and only opens them when she steps outside the classroom to go to the playground or toilet. She has been there for 3 weeks, and I'm wondering ...
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Eye contact infant

I have heard that autistic children prefer to look sideways, not straight. I have concerns about my childs development for a few reasons. She is 4.5 months. She is more willing to make eye contact if ...
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Myopia (nearsightedness) in 1 year old toddler

My 11-month-old baby girl was found to have extremely high myopia (-15.00, -13.00). I was wondering if anyone in this community has the similar experience. There is not enough information about myopia ...
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What kind of frame for prescription glasses for a 3 year old?

I have looked at questions on this site and most of them are trying to get their kids to learn to wear glasses. My question is a pre-cursor of sorts. Just today my 3 and a half year old was diagnosed ...
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Are these videos too intense for a baby (10 months)

I usually watch one or two videos a day with my 10 month old baby, they show someone playing the piano and the notes "falling" into the keyboard, guitar hero like, this is a sample (that one is the ...
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Child wearing glasses, does he need them?

I have a 3-year-old son, who has a developmental delay. He isn't yet talking, and he is just beginning to walk. We have taken him to 2 top eye doctors, who have basically said the same thing: That he ...
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My 2 month old baby keeps looking into light

I have noticed that during evening when we have the lights on in the house, my 2 month old daughter will keep on staring into the lights. Most of the light bulbs in the house is exposed (ie. no covers ...
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2.5 years toddler who refuse to open eyes for hours

I have a 2.5 years old toddler girl who has recently started full day childcare and there were a couple of instances where she refused to open her eyes for hours - this usually happens when she throws ...
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Correlation between study time and eyesight problems

Are there studies on the correlation between the time a kid spends on studying which includes reading/writing/doing homework/using computer etc and any eyesight problems they develop?
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Should I get sunglasses for our baby?

We are going on holiday with our 3 month old, where it will hopefully be sunny. Given that we won't ever be leaving her in direct sunlight, is there any reason or recommendation for very young ...
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Do some baby's eyes produce water more than others?

Our 12 week old daughter has watery eyes occasionally, even when she isn't crying. She produced tears from a few days old, which has been remarked on by others as unusual. It doesn't seem to cause ...
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Lazy Eye in Infants, Preparations for Seeing a Specialist

My youngest (14 months) has started showing signs of either strabismus or ambylopia (both commonly referred to as "lazy eye", where one eye seems to track differently than the other when the child is ...
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Is confusing red and blue at age 3 a possible indication of color-blindness?

My son knows his colors pretty well, but still frequently seems to say "blue" for red items, and "red" for blue items (although it seems more common for him to call something red blue than the other ...
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Myopia in my 2 year old toddler

My son is two years old. Before we went to an ophthalmologist just for a general check up we did not observe any symptoms of myopia. But doctor advised him to wear glasses all the time. This was very ...
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Should we expect the kids to make an eye contact always?

Having seen so many questions on this site dealing with the kids not making an eye contact, I was wondering if there are times when we should ask the kid not to make an eye contact? I remember my ...
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How does a 3-year-old learn to wear glasses?

My 3½ year old son has been diagnosed with a mild eye defect, so he is getting corrective glasses (with non-shattering plastic lenses, obviously). As I've never worn glasses myself, nor my wife at ...
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At what age should I enroll my child in dental and vision plans?

Background: Most insurance coverage in the US has separate policies and payroll withholding for health, dental, and vision insurance plans. One can typically decide who's covered independently for ...
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