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Is the character Dory in Finding Nemo appropriate for young children? [closed]

I love watching animated movies, largely because the jokes are often aimed at adults (the idea evidently that grown-ups should enjoy the movies as much as children). I am naturally skeptical of the ...
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Feeling inadequate as a parent and role model [closed]

I am a dad to 3 wonderful girls ages 8,4 and 3. I tried to spend time with them after work, playing tag or reading them stories. But when I am done with that, in my down time, I just watch sports or ...
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How can I find out if audio books contain sex or violence before I listen to them near my child?

We listen to audio books in the car when we are on a long (>1 hour) road trip. My daughter, who is 2, watches children's TV on an iPad in the back seat during these trips and is perfectly happy to do ...
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How to entertain a 2-year-old on an airplane?

In about 2 months we will be going on a trip which involves a 5 hour flight. Our 2-year-old is typically very active and I'm really worried that he will have a hard time on the flight. What are some ...
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Suitable music festival where children can be taken (Big Chill replacement!)

I went to the Big Chill festival upto 2007 (a UK music festival in the Cotswolds) and have recently become a dad. The Big Chill was very child friendly and I would have loved to have taken my boy, but ...
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Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar: What is the appropriate age to start showing their films to a child?

My godson is soon having his first birthday. I think that's too young to start putting him in front of the TV to watch films (although he does appear to enjoy toddler TV like Bumba with healthy ...
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How to keep a 2 year old entertained in the car on long road trips? [duplicate]

Pls suggest some toys and strategies that have worked for you.
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What is a good age to start taking your kids to the cinema?

What age can you expect a child to happily sit through a movie at the theatre and do you have tips to make this a good experience for both children and parents (e.g. which movie to pick, what to do if ...
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What is your setup in a car for kids to watch kids movies or shows? (2 kids, separate programs) [closed]

I used to use laptop to play DVDs and shows to kids. Now my kids are 6 and 3 and it is not easy to find a show which is suitable for both. Also my laptop died. What is your headphone setup (I am ...
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When is the right age to bring my child to a Disney theme park?

My wife is very much looking forward to bringing our son to Disney. He enjoys characters like Winnie the Pooh, and she wants to create that "magical" experience of pure joy when he meets his favorite ...
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