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For questions about the act of drinking, e. g. how to make a child drink or how to teach it, what or how much to drink, what to do if they drink too much or not enough. Use [breastfeeding] for breastfeeding or questions about breast milk. There are also separate tags for [milk] and [water]. For questions about alcohol consumption, use [alcohol].

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Are my parents right to give me a severe punishment for being brought home by the police drunk? I am 16 [closed]

Are my parents right to take such drastic action to stop me drinking alcohol underage? In the past couple of weeks I have been coming home drunk (not on school nights) my parents said they are worried ...
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Can 8-months old baby understand gravity in their water bottle?

My son likes to get bottle of water next to him and then he tries to drink it. Sometimes he turns to his back and then he can drink it. But sometimes he just tries to suck it laying on his tummy, so ...
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My toddler randomly will not swallow their milk

Just a few days back my 16 month old toddler started randomly spitting out (not swallowing) milk that he just put in his mouth. He kind of just lets it dribble down out of his mouth, almost like he ...
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4 year old has trouble drinking from a cup

My 4 year old is having trouble learning to drink from a cup. He drinks from a sippy cup but can’t use a straw and when trying to drink from a cup he puts his tongue in the glass instead of under the ...
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What Can I do to get An Adult Child with Special Needs to Start eating and Drinking Again?

This individual is a twenty-five-year-old man with no verbal communication skills, totally deaf and blind. He was born with a genetic condition that made him this way--Norries. We hired somebody who ...
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Soft drinks, at which age I should let child to drink

My 4 years old daughter like to drink Coca-Cola and when her grandpa was around she was permitted to drink 100-200ml of carbonated drinks. Should I forbid her drinking soft drinks? What could be ...
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How to encourage a six-year-old to habitually drink more fluids?

My six-year-old has never had much interest in drinking fluids, and has recently had problems with passing faeces (i.e. constipation), which will not have been helped by this inattention to drinking. ...
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Chai tea latte ok for toddler?

Is it ok for two year old to occasionally sip on a chai latte? Or should it be avoided altogether because of the caffeine?
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How to make the 2.6 year old toddler drink more water in winters?

She passes urine once in 2 hours. She does drink 1 or 2 sips of warm water when I ask her during the day time. Usually I have to run behind her for the same. She does drink some water with lunch and ...
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Toddler drinking a lot before/during night, too much for one diaper

Our toddler is about 16 months old now, but the situation I’ll describe hasn’t changed much throughout the past half year. He won’t go to sleep at night (around 19:00) without having had his bottle ...
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Why do my 14-month-old twins cry whenever they drink milk or water?

Whenever we try to feed any liquid to (both of) our 14-month-old twin girls, they cry. This includes milk, water or any kind of liquid. They don't use a bottle anymore, so we are using a spoon to feed ...
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How to keep a sick infant fed and hydrated?

Our infant does not appear to be well. Based on spots around her mouth, hands and feet, we suspect hand, foot and mouth disease. We also think that she has a sore throat because suddenly she doesn't ...
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How do I identify if the water bottle is of a safe material for my children?

From my understanding, BPA-Free plastic water bottle is safe for my little ones. However, some manufacturer does not provide any information on their water bottles but I would like to buy one because ...
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How can I encourage my 2 year old to drink milk from a sippy/drinking cup?

I have tried so many things. My 2 year old will drink water from a tea cup, drinking up, bottle with a spout or straw, but if I try to get him to drink milk from anything but his beloved born free ...
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When and how can we stop giving our toddler formula in the evening?

My toddler gets a bottle of formula in the evening, as part of the bedtime ritual. At some point in time, we'd want to stop giving that bottle and stop using formula at all. What is an effective ...
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12 votes
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Is my 15-month old drinking too much fluids?

My 15-month old is Mr. Thirst. He is weened (about 2 months now), but he has ravenous thirst and drinks about 50-60 ounces (ca. 1,6 liters) a day of fluids. We give him soy milk (he might be lactose-...
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Should we discourage our toddler from taking sippy cups to bed?

Our 2 year old toddler has become quite attached to taking his sippy cup of milk to bed with him at bedtime. We're concerned this will cause .. issues .. down the road with toilet training and ...
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