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4 answers

2 years old toddler hurts the dog

I have a 2 years old toddler and older dog Miko. From some time toddler is pinching/sliming the dog. Miko is human friendly - don't bite, don't growl but just squeak. We told to son than he can't do ...
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How do I make my girlfriend's 4 year old stop hurting my dog?

I'm the boyfriend of a now 4 year old's mother and I have been in the little boy's life for about 2 years. We have a good bond, although I don't live with them and see them 2 weeks every 4. My ex and ...
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1 answer

Teach a kid to not run from dogs

I live in an area with lots of animals. We have feral cats, dogs that run wild, fox, coyotes, raccoons, and I've seen security footage of a cougar. My partner and I took our 5 y/o for a walk around ...
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3 answers

How can I help my son overcome his fear of dogs so we can enjoy our time together with my puppy?

"Bob" is a divorced dad of a 5 year old boy, "Tom". Tom lives with his mother and also spends a lot of time with his grandma and great grandmother. Both Bob and his ex-wife work full-time and he only ...
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How to deal with toddler's fear of dogs?

My son used to be around our dog until she died, almost a year ago, when he was 11 months old. Since then, and up until last December, he'd gladly pet a dog whenever he had the occasion to, that is, ...
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How to immediately correct a (gross) habit?

My son, an only child, is 19 months old. His two "siblings" are dogs twice his size and they get along great (I'm not sure how that sentence reads, but I'm not one of those people that actually ...
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15 votes
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How do I teach my toddler not to abuse animals?

We have two dogs and two cats, and our son loves to interact with them, but his form of interacting is not particularly enjoyable to the animals... Some of the things he does are just annoying, like ...
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How do we introduce a newborn to the family dogs?

When our newborn arrives home, how do we introduce our two dogs to the child? We have two Shetland Sheepdogs and they are of course very friendly and loving. Despite this, it feels that in the ...
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