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Questions tagged [doctor]

Questions involving medical practitioners taking care of the child or the pregnant woman. They can include communication with the doctor or preparations for a visit, for example.

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Baby intermitant squint - Can an orthoptic assessment be done for a baby aged 1 year 3 months

Baby aged 1 year 3 months seems to have an intermittent squint, especially when he looks far away up. Can an orthoptic assessment be done for a baby aged 1 year 3 months who has intermittent squint? ...
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Hyper-modesty in children

you may have seen my other question, but if you have not, I am a hobbyist writer trying to get real parent's responses to questions that have come up about family dynamics in my writing. I am young (...
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Helping a child who panics and runs away at the mere mention of 'doctor' [closed]

Little bit of disclosure, I'm a 21-year-old who has no kids, but am a hobbyist writer. I am writing a story with a family and asked this question here because I want to hear from real parents as to ...
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How to choose a psychologist to do a psychoeducational assessment?

I am trying to choose a psychologist to do a psychoeducational assessment of an 8 year old with no diagnosis but with attention issues. I have received a dozen or so glowing recommendations from ...
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3 days ago, my doctor pressed my belly really hard and I haven't felt movement from my baby since then. Should I be worried? [closed]

The doctor pressed my stomach really hard to find where the baby's head was at, since then I haven't felt a movement from my baby and I'm really scared. Should I be worried? Should I go to the ...
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Laws Regarding Newborn Care at a Hospital [closed]

I am a new dad to be, this July! A friend of mine had her first born son in a hospital. As soon as he was born, they forcefully whisked him from her to run lab tests and so on. A few hours later, they ...
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My wife had her first doctor's appointment and it took exactly 15 minutes is that ok?

My wife is 11 weeks pregnant and made appointment to one of the doctors around our area. When we went they did few tests on her but the doctor did not even talk to her nor ask her how her pregnancy ...
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How to get help for my non-verbal toddler who can get screamig fits?

I'm UK based and have 6 children: Child 1: female, has a formal diagnosis of autism, NF1. Child 2: male, has a formal diagnosis of Asperger's, also has other health problems. Both children present in ...
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How long should a pediatric dental cleaning take?

Due to some insurance changes we switched our children (ages 9 and 16) to a different dentist last year. The new dentist is a pediatric dentist who only sees children. Our prior dentist was a ...
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How can we confront our pediatrician about not washing his hands?

We recently changed medical insurance plans and switched to a new pediatrician. My wife is in nursing school and one of the things that's drilled into students is the importance of handwashing to ...
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How to prepare my 4-year- old for his 4 year vaccinations?

My 4-year-old is going to have his vaccinations. It seems like when they are younger, you can handle it better. Sow that he is older, and understands more concepts, are there any tricks or things you ...
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How to get schizophrenia and bipolar kids to take medication?

I have a friend, who has a child ( who is about 12-13 years old) who is diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar symptom. Now, dealing with a child who can't think straightly and suffer from ...
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Choosing a Doctor

How does a parent go about choosing a specialist doctor? Yes I have the pediatricians recommendations. However, usually I would also ask friends, however the specialist I need to see is not a ...
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3 answers

How can I get renewed medical attention for my child's undiagnosed sickness?

My son is 6 1/2 years old and we are in the process of seeing an Infectious Disease specialist and a Neurologist. My son has had an MRI, a CAT Scan, Ultrasounds, and the pediatricians have run every ...
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Should I seek a medical professional when the school says my 10-year-old has a learning disability?

I have a 10-year-old daughter who has been struggling with school for the past 3 years. She struggles in reading and math and just seems to not get it. There was a time she would even cry when it was ...
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How young is too young to diagnose ADD?

As a teacher, I have always been under the impression or had the idea that ADD couldn't really be diagnosed until grade 2. (I am not dealing with ADHD in this question). I was wondering if it can ...
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How do you choose a first pediatrician?

While it would be great to be able to just use the doctor we were raised with... assuming that's not possible: How does one not merely locate a good first pediatrician, but evaluate them? What are ...
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