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Our teenage son doesn't like eating because he "doesn't want to be like us" [closed]

(of note, both of us parents are prediabetic) I am a parent of my thirteen year old son, and he has started to refrain from eating food in general. At first, it was subtle, but now he outright refuses ...
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Toddler daughter will not eat meat or eggs

Young toddler daughter will not eat any type of meat or eggs, i.e. vegetarian apparently. Are there specific multi-vitamins or guidelines for vegetarian toddlers? Do not really need supplement for ...
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How long should i let my two year old cry for before giving up and giving her what she wants?

My daughter is 2 years and one month old. Her eating isn't great, I suspect because we let her eat treats at mealtimes, regardless of whether she eats the nutritious stuff we put in front of her. So ...
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Cognitively impaired teen with type one diabetes is stealing food and binge eating

My teen daughter is cognitively impaired with type one diabetes. She is pretty low functioning. She will steal food when we are stores, other people's homes, and from purses. I have seen her eating ...
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If a parent goes vegan, should the small kids, also?

If a parent decides, for humanitarian reasons, to go vegan, is it reasonable to ask 4, 6, and 8 yo kids (generally upbeat and compliant) to follow suit, at home and away? In any case, how well do ...
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How do I get my child to eat healthier, better and more varied?

I have a ten-year old child and it's about that time in their lives when she is constantly getting invited to stay over at other friends' houses either for the weekend or a night. To be honest, as a ...
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Encouraging a more varied diet in fussy older children

Our daughter, now ten, has been a fussy eater all her life. We did all the wrong things to encourage her to eat when she was a toddler, and likely exacerbated the situation. At pre-school age we ...
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Recommended quantity / frequency of meat for 7 year old

My daughter is 7 years old and we often feed her meat about 15-17 meals per week (out of 21). However, I am concerned that we are giving her meat too often. I realize that there maybe guidelines for ...
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Tools to log and analyse a toddlers diet

I am looking for a tool I can use to work out what is causing my son to vomit. It's happening during or after eating so I assume a connection to what was eaten. I need to: Quickly log what was in ...
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Does eating onions while breastfeeding adversely affect the flavor of the breastsmilk?

This is something my wife's aunt, who is a nurse (but not in any maternity or pediatric field) advised us on. She said we should avoid giving onions to my wife (who doesn't like them usually anyway) ...
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3 answers

What are the reasons for and dangers of dieting?

What are some reasons that a young person might go on a diet? As a parent, which of those reasons should be a concern for me?
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3 answers

The toddler isn't bothered with the bland food. Should I be bothered?

She is 13 months old. We give her a combination of healthy but bland foods. We do not add any spice and have stopped adding sugar since we noticed that it doesn't matter to her. We add salt sometimes ...
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How important is a diverse diet for a pre-schooler?

My son, if left to his own devices, would eat the same meal every single time. We ensure that his meals are reasonably balanced, with fruit and vegetables at every meal, but it's a challenge to keep ...
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Is it OK for my children to eat solely carbs and fruit, which is what they want

We have two kids (almost 5yo and 20 months). Both are very picky eaters, eating some carbs(noodles, pasta, or bread, all plain; no potatoes/rice!), and fruit of all kinds, but nothing or very little ...
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How to cope with GERD in an infant

As a result of my baby being diagnosed with infant's Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, I am following doctor's orders regarding my own diet so my milk is as easy on baby's tummy as possible and we have ...
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