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Questions related to the COVID-19/Coronavirus epidemic of 2019-2020.

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How much protection is provided by a partial course of COVID-19 vaccine? [closed]

How much protection is provided by the first two injections of the three-injection Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for toddlers? I cannot find this information anywhere. I am asking not because I plan to skip ...
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Four year old having a hard time with COVID rapid tests

I live in a jurisdiction which requires COVID rapid testing for even a single mild symptom of COVID before attending school, events, shopping, etc, even if masked. My son is a four year old in a ...
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(How) do you explain a 3 year-old that he has to stay at his grand-ma for longer than anticipated?

My 3 year-old has been with his maternal grand-parents for a week, as was planned for a long while. His mom and I were supposed to pick him up today, but we both tested positive for Covid this morning....
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Kids worry that mom, working overseas, may get COVID and die

I don't want to give too much detail on internet. We're destitute family. My wife works in Brazil for higher pay. Wife and I are 60 years old. Why can't she just fly home? (1) Home is 14 hours flight. ...
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Can I contact the SSA to get my baby's SSN before the card arrives to apply for insurance ahead of time?

I had a newborn last month and we applied for the SSN with the birth paperwork, but have yet to receive a card. Our State (PA) has a 2 week paperwork time based on the SSA website and then SSA has 2 ...
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Traveling with Toddler- during covid tips

My husband and I are planning on flying to another state for the summer with our toddler. I received really good advice on face masks for my daughter and the airline put in some guidelines that appear ...
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Child hates face masks

Now that places are starting to open up a bit more in my state, I am trying to figure out what’s the best way to protect my almost 3 year old when we have to go out in public. Some things to consider: ...
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How to work-at-home given no daycare

We have two kids, a 14 month old and 2.5. We're sinking financially, and with the current shelter-in-place order (SF Bay Area, CA, USA) we're struggling to just get distraction-free time to try to ...
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How would you explain COVID-19 lockdown to a 4 year old?

How would you explain COVID-19 lockdown to a 4 year old given that the lockdown might be in place for months in London?
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What are some options for helping my child continue learning while schools are closed?

My children will be home for a few weeks (at least) while schools are closed due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19. What are some good strategies or options for helping them continue to learn while at home?...