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The process of preparing food to be eaten.

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3 answers

Overcoming a fear of the stove

My five year-old daughter has a strong interest in learning to cook. I frequently let her participate in ways like measuring and stirring. She also wants to learn things like cooking eggs, as ...
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How can I teach my kids how to shop for groceries effectively?

I want to teach my kids how to cook because I think it's a generally useful life skill. In addition to working in the kitchen and actually preparing dishes, how can I get them more involved in the ...
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How to make young kids become more involved in meal planning and cooking?

I'm trying to involve my 5-year old and 3-year old more in meal planning and eventually cooking. Right now, they're a bit picky (like most) and so we have a pretty limited set of maybe 5-6 dinner ...
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At what age can children prepare their own meals?

At what age can children be left to fend for themselves as far as breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
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4 answers

When should a child begin to learn knife skills for use in the Kitchen?

Helping in the kitchen is something my child thoroughly enjoys. Now that she is in elementary she has a handle on most of the "safe" kitchen skills from kneading dough to reading a recipe and even ...
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How does a parent that does not know a basic life skill make sure their child obtains that skill? [closed]

My daughter wants and needs to learn to cook. As a single father that doesn't know how himself, I wish I could cook and want my 12-year-old daughter to learn about cooking. I'm sure there are other ...
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