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Questions regarding computer use including access, entertainment, and education

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When to introduce children to the internet?

So far my wife and I have only introduced our kids (20 months and 3.5 year old) to TV. We don't plan on getting them a tablet or any handheld devices. However, we do eventually want to introduce them ...
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How to help my child make online video friends?

My son is seven and bilingual. Japan has a lot of COVID paranoia so children can't meet after school. Currently he does get play in person at his after school English program but we can't afford to ...
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Parental control software [closed]

I need some advice from other parents. I’m working on a [project][1] about adult toys. Under the current virus situation, I’ve been working from home, so I’ve been using my private computer for work. ...
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Limit access to screens (phone, computer) to my kids, whereas I benefitted from "no limit" during my own childhood

Years after years, we have more and more evidence that too much access to screens (phones, computers) for kids is not good for them. This is even a societal problem, more and more raised by ...
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2 answers

Son threatens to fail high school if we don't let him keep his laptop

So my son is really into video games and I have never let him have a computer growing up or play games (my viewpoint is that video game is a waste of time and he could better spend the time studying ...
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Up to how many hours of screen time is OK for a teenager for educational purposes?

My 14-year-old son loves programming and he’s been doing it since he was 10, although over the last couple of years, he’s been really serious about it. Hence, he spends around 2 hours and 15 minutes ...
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2 answers

Framework for letting 9yo get access without hard time limits

My 9-year-old is in this situation concerning media: She has limited access to a family PC (restricted account with a time limit of X minutes per day). She uses that for Youtube and Minecraft. She ...
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How do we discourage reliance on technology while allowing children to become accustomed to digital tools?

this is a question I struggle assessing myself as a programmer. It's already key to understand computer science. It is and will continue to be even more increasingly important that our children are ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Are these videos too intense for a baby (10 months)

I usually watch one or two videos a day with my 10 month old baby, they show someone playing the piano and the notes "falling" into the keyboard, guitar hero like, this is a sample (that one is the ...
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My brother is lonely and has turned to the internet to fill his social craving. How do I tell my parents without betraying his trust?

My nearly 14 y/o brother doesn't have much social interaction (due to being homeschooled) and to fill his social craving, I noticed several days when I startled him that he has turned to secretly ...
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7 answers

Is a laptop a good gift for 9 year old who shows interest in programming?

I am a engineer. I was recently visiting family and spent some time with my 9 year old nephew. He showed me an app on his mom’s phone he has been using to make games. The app is called hopscotch. It’s ...
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2 answers

How to deal with sibling/child who doesn't contribute and is stressing out their parents whom they live with?

Context/Story I have a sibling who's stressed/saddened their parents whom they live with, with their lifestyle. Communication is poor to nigh non-existant between parties involved. (1 parent felt ...
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What are age appropriate projects for 5-year-old interested in electronics?

I have a 5-year-old boy who's very into electronics and Ghostbusters in particular. So far, I've had pretty good luck with snap circuits. We started to build a homemade Ghostbuster Proton Pack but it ...
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How can I positively affect my underage roommate? [closed]

Why I'm posting this here: My roommate moved out of his mother's and step dad's home at 17, lived in a social house for a few months, then moved in with me. He has very loose contact with them and I ...
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80s-era computing experience in 2016? [closed]

I am of the opinion that modern computing technology is too good for kids--games graphics leave little to the imagination, things work more reliably and don't require troubleshooting, etc.--so I am ...
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Too much computer?

My teenager spends hours and hours on the computer doing "programming" "coding" and other web-design stuff. He spends hours on stackoverflow. How should I be monitoring this behavior and should I be ...
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Help me understand the attraction of Instagram, please

(Context in case it's helpful: My son is 12. He created an Instagram account for himself at school this past year. Since he doesn't meet the Instagram age requirement (13 and up), I tried to follow ...
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Monitoring a computer-literate teen

I would like to monitor my 16 year old boy's web activities, but I have been struggling to do so. Since he started his interest in computer programming, it's become an arms race. I've tried setting up ...
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How should screen time be treated to balance the pro of education resources on the internet and con of decreased involvement in other activities?

Screen time is a tricky subject. Around middle school age there are very good uses of technology that emerge where can child can develop healthy hobbies fueled by self-motivation (which may later turn ...
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How to get a 15-year-old started with a computer?

I got a chance to speak to the 15-year-old child of the security guard of our office. He was looking to get started with a computer and was looking for guidance. I must also say that it is rare for ...
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2 answers

Correlation between study time and eyesight problems

Are there studies on the correlation between the time a kid spends on studying which includes reading/writing/doing homework/using computer etc and any eyesight problems they develop?
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7 votes
3 answers

Visual stimulation videos for infants - good or bad?

There are many visual stimulation videos on youtube which most infants would love to stare at. Does this help in cognitive development? I have read in some journals that, on the contrary, for ...
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Parental Control for Internet? [duplicate]

For a parent, how do we best control the content of the ENTIRE household's Internet in a centralized manner? This settings of parent controls for individual network-based devices is maddening and ...
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8 answers

First keyboard: Qwerty or Dvorak?

Should I start my toddler off with a Qwerty or Dvorak keyboard? I use Qwerty myself. I have tried to learn Dvorak but I failed. The Qwerty key strokes are so hardwired in me that it would take a ...
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Sitting with my 5 month old as I work on the computer...harmful for my baby? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does it hurt my baby (developmentally) if she watches while I'm on the computer? Sometimes I need to work while I'm caring for the baby. Sometimes she'll be content in a ...
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Email and social media for pre-teens

My daughter is 11 and I discovered that she had a Facebook account and a personal email account. These were two things my wife and I had told her she wasn't allowed to have. I felt she was still too ...
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Should 18+ kids still have a tight schema for bed and PC-usage?

I'm not a parent, or in any parenting position. I am however kind of worried because of some rules in the house. I've been 18 for a few months now. And I still have quite a tight schema for bed and PC-...
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What studies exist regarding computer usage and computer game playing that support limiting access?

There is no shortage of questions here that relate to stopping or limiting computer time and game playing. What studies are motivating these concerns? I ask this as someone biased because I spent a ...
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Should I monitor my child's internet usage?

This question was inspired by this one: which was deemed off topic. Hopefully this is more on topic ...
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Does it hurt my baby (developmentally) if she watches while I'm on the computer?

I have a 6 month old who likes to stare at my glowing computer while I code or browse the internet. Most of what I view is text or static web pages, so it's not content I'm worried about her viewing, ...
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How do I get my daughter to spend less time at the computer?

Possible Duplicate: What can I do to encourage my 12 year old son to do more productive things? My daughter, age 13, dominated the "public children laptop" which was meant to be shared with her ...
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Are netbooks appropriate for school age children?

So, my school gives kids who do well and turn in all of their homework in 5th grade a laptop. I'm not sure what I think of this, me being raised that computers should be kept in public areas so as to ...
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