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Is placing my child in the same class as a close cousin a bad idea?

My son is going to be starting preschool this Fall. He has a first cousin close in age that's going to be attending the same school. Is it a bad idea for close cousins to be in the same class? Does ...
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How can I overcome my two-year-old's fear of failure?

If we have ever dangled a reward for our son, since two years old, and now he is almost three, (i.e. if you eat your lunch by yourself, we can go the duck pond), he rejects the reward, even if it is ...
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What to do about our 7-year-old daughter's emotional outbursts when I lose to my husband?

I'm the 31-year-old mother of a 7-year-old girl. My 27-year-old-husband and I take our daughter to the park on weekends and holidays. A few weeks ago, she wanted me to take on my husband in a game ...
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While playing car racing games should i wait for my child to catch up or keep racing with other cars?

My soon to be 4-year old son plays car racing games with me on XBOX. Apart from the two of us there are 8 computer racers too. He can drive well, he knows what to do and he knows we have to win and ...
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How to teach my son that winning is not everything and to lose graciously? My son cries when he loses and quits playing the game

My 5-year-old son cries when he loses a game. He gets impatient and throws tantrums and beats me when he loses. The same thing happens when he plays with his friends also. I have tried to teach him by ...
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How to deal with a fraternal twins "competition" issue?

We have 4-year-old fraternal twins and the following issue: ever since they were born, one was the "bigger" one, simply put, he's (currently) better at almost everything than his brother (be it ...
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How to make a 6-year-old stop being too competitive for his own good?

My colleague's 6-year-old son has just started elementary school. He is a bright boy, however, very competitive, so much so that he started resisting going to school, even attending any activities, ...
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Should I encourage siblings to compromise and collaborate?

Often when there's a chance to do something special as a family -- say, watch a movie together, or bake some cookies -- we let the three kids decide exactly what we are going to do. For example, they ...
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How can I talk my son through his competition anxiety?

This year my son tested into our district's Math Field Day competition. He was very excited to show us the results and we all agreed to commit to the weekly practice sessions after school. He enjoys ...
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I love my step son so much but it irritates me when he compares me to his dad

My step-son keeps comparing me to his biological father, and I don't know why. I've been in a relationship with this woman for almost 3 years. She has been married previously and has a 6 year old son....
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When to tell a child he didn't really win

My five year-old son has started this phase of turning everything into a contest. Partially this a result of our encouragement. We will sometimes "race" him when he is dragging his feet and slowing ...
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