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For questions about chores, e. g. age-appropriate household chores, how to make children do their chores or how to reward them for it.

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Should i be taking care of my siblings all the time?

I am 13 years old and my dad tells me to take care of my siblings all the time. He makes me watch them, make their food, play with them every time, dress them up and even makes me go check on them ...
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Age Appropriate Chores for 6 Year Old

Looking for a suggestion on age appropriate chores for a 6 year old to help out around the house?
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My 9 year old son has to take a bath and bathe 4 year old step brother, is it ok?

First off we live in the United States and I know this is asked alot with traditions. My son, 9 years old has had to bathe his 4 year old step brother for over a year while taking a bath. I feel ...
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Should you give your children allowance? [closed]

From my understanding, there are a few ways people approach giving economic opportunities to their children: 1. As a return for doing chores, 2. Simply a monthly allowance, 3. Allow the child to be at ...
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Using food to make son do chores

I have 2 sons (both 15+), one of them always does his own dishes after meal and the other one don't. Alot of time I come home with a mess in the sink from him. I was thinking of anytime I go out to ...
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Ways to earn money for 4 years old

My 4-years old daughter recently started to ask for ways to earn money. I think this comes from watching the Duck Tales cartoons with Scrooge McDuck swimming in money, but she was interested in it ...
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Can my mother charge me money for not doing what she says?

When I don't do the washing up, or take out the trash, or whatever when mum asks, she charges me $10. I have a job, but am 17 living at home. I am wondering if she is allowed to make up fines for ...
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What to do when an 8-year-old is not motivated by rewards?

When I want to get something done by my 8-year-old, I offer rewards for that activity, but still the rewards don't motivate him to do that task. The rewards are something that he loves the most, for ...
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How to discipline teens for littering?

We have a chore system for our two tweenagers, where we all clean up at the end of the day and they help out. So far it's been pretty good with less and less oversight needed over time, and relatively ...
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How can I talk with my parents about the amount of chores they expect me to do?

Background My boyfriend of almost 5 years and I are living with my parents until we've found a house. We are both 25. I recently dropped out of university, but found a good job in my field. We both ...
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Effective chore management system for large family

The main difference with this question to others like this is that I'm asking about something that works with older children (13-18). We're a patchwork family (that never really posed any problems or ...
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How to motivate my extremely lazy 12-year-old?

My 12-year-old son is a good kid, but he is extremely unmotivated to do literally anything unless I or his mother are constantly riding him the whole time. As a young child, he was "easy" to raise ...
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How to make my 8-year-old son repay for a broken item?

My eight-year-old son mistreated an iPad and broke a screen protector. It was an accident but very easily preventable. Had the impact been much worse, it would have been ruined. The way I was raised -...
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My kid slops through her chores or takes forever to do it. I've tried everything

My 10-year-old daughter has a problem with doing her chores correctly in a timely manner. For instance, she's famous for taking 3 hours to wash the dishes. She wants to go outside and play or get on ...
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How do you get your kids to do their chores at home?

My kids are 4 and 5 years old, so I need to always "supervise" them to make sure that they are doing their chores. Sometimes it's a bit frustrating. Any tips or advice on how to handle it better?
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How can I positively affect my underage roommate? [closed]

Why I'm posting this here: My roommate moved out of his mother's and step dad's home at 17, lived in a social house for a few months, then moved in with me. He has very loose contact with them and I ...
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How important is it for a mother to have help around the house when she has several young children? [closed]

My wife is a stay at home mom and we have 3 daughters (ages 5, 20 months and 1 month old). How important is it for a woman in her situation to get help around the house providing child care for this ...
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How to get my 16-year-old to understand that chores aren't that hard to complete?

My 16-year-old dreads taking out the garbage as well as other things that need to be done around the house. Every morning before school, I tell him not to forget to take the garbage out. He ...
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Is rewarding hard work for chores with money necessarily a bad idea?

Growing up my parents had a system where harder chores like mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway, and vacuuming meant that you got more money in your allowance every week. It worked great for our ...
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How to get children to participate in housework without using reward/punishment

This is sort of an exploratory question, as I haven't really been confronted with the issue (yet). I've been looking around for ways to get kids to do chores. I'm a bit put off by the fact that ...
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What kinds of Household skills can be expected at what ages?

In asking a question about teaching knife skills, I realized I'd never seen a question about chores and household skills and what is appropriate when on Parenting SE. I did find this question in ...
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How do you get a primary schooler to continue doing chores when their friends don't have to?

I am reading the book P.E.T. about communicating with children and there is a question: an 11 year old asks: “How come I have to take care of the yard and take the garbage out? Rey’s parents do not ...
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How can I get my strong-willed daughter to stop being so lazy when it comes to chores?

I have two daughters, age 8 and 10. My 10 year old is very diligent and responsible and has always done her homework, chores, etc. without any reminders or coaxing. So we have had a hard time ...
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When are my kids old enough to mow the lawn?

I'm sure this largely has to do with personality (well behaved, cautious) as it does age, but what is an appropriate age for kids to start using a push lawn mower? Or a riding mower?
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What are some age-appropriate tasks that my pre-schooler can do around the house?

My wife and I both work full time, this means when we are at home we are both quite busy with housework. This could be in the yard or inside. As my son is an only child and he wants to spend more ...
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