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Getting child to eat (preschooler)

When I cook for my child, my child tends to just eat a little bit, perhaps, two or three forkfuls, and then goes and uses the phone. When I tell my child to eat, they say they're not hungry or they ...
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How to explain to a 6 years old why a smart-phone is not good for her?

My 6 year old daughter asks for a smart-phone. I do not want to give her one because she might be harmed in social networks and because she might get addicted to games. Rather than just saying "...
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Limit access to screens (phone, computer) to my kids, whereas I benefitted from "no limit" during my own childhood

Years after years, we have more and more evidence that too much access to screens (phones, computers) for kids is not good for them. This is even a societal problem, more and more raised by ...
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Why is technology bad for children?

Almost 5 years ago I have asked this question: Is it too dangerous for my 2 years old son to watch YouTube on the iPad for hours? and I concluded that (watching) TV etc is not very healthy for the ...
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Should we introduce screen time to our 27 month old?

Somehow, my wife and I have made it through 27 months of virtually no screen time for our daughter. We thought we were doing what's best for her, but we're starting to fear it's going to come back ...
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Toddler exposure to cell phones

I've heard a lot about toddler exposure to cell phones. I would like to know, given that all phones have a given SAR rating, which is affected entirely by the 4G and Wi-Fi antennas releasing radiation,...
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145 votes
20 answers

What can I as a teenager do about my insanely strict parents?

Before I start this, I just want to let everyone know that even though my parents can be completely clueless about parenting at times, I still love them very much, so don't go commenting that I'm "...
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When should 12 (almost 13) year old daughter get a phone? [duplicate]

My daughter is almost 13 and she does not have a phone. I don't think she should have one yet but she says that all her friends have one, and that is true. She is responsible but I am not sure if I ...
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Is there a way to remove inappropriate ads and content for children using a shared phone?

Parents! I share my mobile device with kids and let them play games. At that time I do my chores and have some time for myself. But I noticed that sometimes they watch inappropriate ads or even ...
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At what age should we replace old mobile phone with smart phone?

Recently my 7-year-old daughter asked me to replace her old phone with smart-phone(the one with touch screen etc.). One of the reason was that some kids in her class have such a phone. My daughter ...
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Any Research on the Effects of Mobile/Cellphone Usage on Childhood Development?

Albeit this being a fairly new phenomenon, I was hoping to find some studies or at least some deep research done on this subject, particularly comparing control groups.
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How to deal with my son calling me on the telephone when he is in a fight with his mother?

I am divorced and have an 8-year-old son. Our son lives half of the time with me, half of the time with his mother. Communication between us parents is good, there is no conflict of any kind, and we ...
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2 answers

What are the factors for deciding at what age to give a child cell phone? [duplicate]

What would be the factors that one should consider when deciding at what age to give a child their fist cell phone? Assume that the phone can (if needed) be somewhat secured, with a curated list of ...
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When should kids get a cellphone?

It seems everybody and his cat has a smartphone today. (I'm guilty too.) My son will probably demand his own phone somewhere between the age of 7 and 12. I know I can't compare to when I was a kid ...
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Is giving my toddler a mobile phone to chew on bad for his health

As one of the methods I use to distract my wee fella when we are changing him etc is that I give him my mobile (cell) phone. He immediately puts it in his mouth and it keeps him entertained for the ...
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