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Helping your child deal with being bullied or dealing with your child who is exhibiting bullying behavior.

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How much should you buy for your child to keep up with their peers?

How should you go about balancing the possessions you buy for your child against peer pressure from other children (particularly at school) and parents? Many parents feel the need for their children ...
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How can a young child be taught not to bully?

How can an 18 month old be taught that bullying is not ok? He seems to like causing the trouble it brings upon him, and bullying, mean acts also seem to please him. He likes to sit on his younger ...
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How to get 4 year old to stick up for himself but not turn into a bully?

My 4 year old son is big(tall) for his age but he is very sensitive and can be a bit timid sometimes. Recently I took him to a soft play area and he was just playing and minding his own business when ...
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How to nurture my child to be fearless

I feel that my two-year-old kid is fearful since birth, or it is my own fear. This question arose when I compared him with other numerous children. As a father, I don't want him to fear anything. I ...
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How do you teach toddlers to defend themselves?

How do you teach kids to defend themselves, without becoming bullies? I'm talking about younger kids (1.5 to 3yo) who are not mature enough (or old enough) to take self-defense classes. My son is two ...
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How should I react if another child "attacks" my son by doing something he does not like (but not especially dangerous)

Recently I was in the following situation: I wanted to pick up my son (4.5 years old) in the kindergarten and another child was throwing bark mulch at him. I don't consider this especially dangerous,...
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How to prevent my 2-year-old from being bullied by our roommate's child?

I have a 2-year-old daughter and I am currently living with a roommate who also has a 2-year-old daughter. My roommate's daughter is constantly bullying my daughter by pulling her hair, biting, ...
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Handling bullying in neigbourhood playgroup

Our street is home to a group of kids varying in age from 7 to 11 who play together in varying composition on a regular basis. The play is usually healthy and fun. They play catch, build huts, play ...
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How can a long distance parent boost an eight year old's confidence (custodial partner uncooperative/negative?)

I'm a long distance father to an eight year old daughter and a four year old son, whom I see on average most weekends. My daughter has periodically lost her sense of confidence, and recently has ...
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How can I help my 6 year old boy who has being bullied by one of his classmates?

My son is a very emotional kid. He falls in love/hate with absolutely everyone with ease. Recently one of his classmates started calling him "sh*t head" and he immediately started to believe that. ...
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Earning your kid's trust and getting them to confide in you and "complain" about getting bullied

How can one get their kid to trust them and confide that they are getting bullied when the kid knows the parent is dead serious, earnest, direct and will vigorously seek to resolve the matter with the ...
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