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Questions tagged [behavior]

Why do children act the way they do? Use [discipline] for questions about enforcing your rules.

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6 year old aggressive and impulsive behavior

My 6 year old stepson has shown signs of ADHD for many years. The worst of it is shown in school, where the behaviors are out of control. He has extra help and support from staff and teachers who give ...
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Behavioural therapy - for parents - combine with… what? Pointers appreciated

TL,DR: My son's therapy is taking a break; to help me help him I am contemplating behavioral therapy for myself - as well as combining this with consequential discipline, praise and all the other ...
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What causes a 7 year old to be overly affectionate

My 7 year old daughter has very recently become very affectionate with her soon to be step dad. What could cause this? She doesn't see her dad often, but calls him daily. Could it be as simple as she ...
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