Questions tagged [bedroom]

Issues concerning the bedroom as a room: both the parents' and the child's (bed)room. See also the tags [sleep] and [bedtime].

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18 votes
4 answers

At what age should siblings stop sharing their bedroom?

Currently we have one bedroom for our two daughters. Until what age can they share their room?
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16 votes
10 answers

When should I transition a 2 year old toddler from the cot to a bed?

My son turned 2 today, and we have been considering for a long time to transition him to a bed. Specially since he already sleeps in a bed at the daycare. I am afraid that he will not want to stay in ...
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Is it okay for two 6- and 9-year-olds to share a bedroom with their 18-year-old step-brother?

I have two 6- and a 9-year-old sons. They live with their father. I have found out that they share a bedroom with their 18-year-old step-brother there. The 18-year-old plays videogames rated 16+ and ...
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