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For questions about bathing in water for personal hygiene, like when, how and how often to bathe children, how to keep them safe or bathe them when they don't want to, preparing children for bathing or what to do afterwards. Useful tags to use in addition if appropriate are [water] and [temperatures]. For more general questions about cleaning, use [cleaning]. Use [swimming] for the recreational activity.

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Using non-drinkable water for bathing a baby/cleaning baby bottles [closed]

We live in an area where tap water is not recommended for drinking both because of bacteria and chemical pollution. We have been using the water for showering, cleaning and washing the dishes without ...
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My 9 year old son has to take a bath and bathe 4 year old step brother, is it ok?

First off we live in the United States and I know this is asked alot with traditions. My son, 9 years old has had to bathe his 4 year old step brother for over a year while taking a bath. I feel ...
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What is the right bath water temperature for larger babies?

It is known that the optimal temperature for newborns is about the human body temperature, 36-38C. Most adults would find this bath water temperature too warm. However, what is the case in the ...
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My 10 month old has started scream crying because he can’t reach the shower drain during bath time - how can I get this to stop?

When alone with my 10 mo son at bath time, I place his tub in the shower stall, shower first, and then clean him. For the past couple nights, he’s suddenly started scream crying because he can’t ...
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At what age should parents stop showering/bathing with children?

I know this will likely depend on different cultures. I am looking for that input. Both my wife and I shower with our son - not all 3 a once, but one or the other accompanies him. Someone recently ...
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Scientific evidence regarding methods for bathing newborns [closed]

I came across some videos on youtube where women bathe a new born by laying it face down between their legs. Like this and this. In case the video is unavailable, these are my main concerns: There isn'...
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How can I get my toddlers to (let me) wash their faces and hair?

My two daughters (age 4 and 2) do not like to wash their faces. Since they wre new born age I used wet (by water - lukewarm and gradually lowered temperatured water) towels to rub and clean their ...
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Should soap be used when bathing a new born

When bathing a new born should you use soap? are there any benefits or harms to using soap vs just using water? This is on top of the question How often should I bathe my newborn? Some time frames ...
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How to wash a 10-month-old whilst camping for 4 days?

We are taking our 10-month-old baby camping this summer. It will be four days of festival. We were planning to just sit him in a bucket for washing. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience for ...
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14-month year old takes dinner in bath only

Unfortunately we have gotten into the habit of feeding dinner to our 14-month old mostly in the bath. It started around the time he turned one, at first as a means to get him to eat at all when he was ...
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Good shower gel and shampoo for children to use

I've had a look not just on here, but Google too, and there's nothing in particular recommending any shower gel or shampoo for younger children. Can most children just use adult shower products? Or ...
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My toddler used to love bath time and now he hates it (or is scared of it) [duplicate]

My toddler seemingly has developed some fear to bath time. My toddler (16 moths) used to love bath time. He would be smiling when I carried him naked to the bath and loved to play with his bath toys. ...
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What to do about my toddler who suddenly started screaming when I mention bathing or give her a bath?

I have an 18-month-old daughter. She loved having a bath from birth, and now all of a sudden she screams her head off when I mention bath or give her a bath. It's really stressing me out. I don't know ...
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My newborn hates everyday bath time

My Japanese wife was told to bath my 1 week old son every day due to the hot humid summer in Japan even though we run air conditioning most of the time. But he cries right through bath time with warm ...
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How can I explain to my 5-year-old that I need to be alone if I am showering?

I'm having a difficult time sometimes with my 5-year-old daughter understanding when I need privacy such as when I take a shower or need to put body cream on afterwards, dry up etc. If I explain it to ...
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Is there an effective method for cleaning butts?

When bathing a child (particularly a baby under or around 1 year old, who can not stand on their own yet) is there an effective way to clean all of their body parts that are usually submerged under ...
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Minimum age required for jacuzzi bath

I went with my nearly six years old daughter to the public pool & SPA and to my surprise, I found a label saying, that children under age of 7 should avoid the jacuzzi bath. Is that true, and why ...
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How can I address toddler's fear of water over her face?

Our 2.5-year-old daughter used to love baths, playing in the pool and just playing with water. Now, she is terrified to bathe. It is a battle to even get her in the tub, let alone to try and clean her ...
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How to help (and bathe) a toddler who is terrified of the plughole in the bath?

Our 2½-year old has very recently developed a fear of the plughole in the bath. She is not just afraid but properly terrified to the point that I bathed her in her baby brother's bathtub-in-a-bath ...
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How to properly clean the ducks and his friends? [duplicate]

You know, these ducks. My little one loves her ducks, some ducks friends, a small manual portable shower, and so on: all they go to her bathtub and we play a lot. In the end, although I squeeze, ...
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How to make our 20-month-old sit in the bath instead of kneeling?

Our daughter is 20 months old. She recently decided she didn't want to sit down in the bath anymore. We have no idea what triggered it, and she still loves baths and gets excited by the prospect of ...
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Don't touch my hair!

I have little twins that aren't two years old. One of them I have no problem washing his hair; he even laughts when I dry it with the towel. His brother screams his lungs out every single day, every ...
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How thoroughly should a newborn girls private areas be cleaned?

I'm concerned about the hygiene of my newborn daughter's private areas. After pooping there are rarely any poop globules located between labia, but it does sometimes happen. Moreover, the "liquid" ...
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How to balance between giving an oil massage and a daily bath to an infant?

Room temperature: 37 degree Celsius Outside temperature: 45 degree Celsius Don't bathe small children too often, especially not daily! There's a risk ...
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How to teach a 3-year-old baby to not be afraid of bathing? [duplicate]

Our 3-year-old girl is extremely afraid of bathing! We ask her why, but she just says "I just afraid". We tried putting toys in the water; she plays with them and the water but does not allow us to ...
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Should an infant be washed with turmeric powder?

My in laws have a custom of washing the infant with Turmeric powder rather than any soap. Should an infant be washed with turmeric powder? Any side effects? How long duration can this be prolonged?
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How to handle my baby boy urinating in bath?

I bathe my two weeks old baby boy every evening. Very often he will urinate as soon as he touch the water, obviously because of the temperature change. So far I just ignored it, letting him pee into ...
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How can I encourage my three-year-old to have a bath?

Every bathtime it's the same story: Me: "It's bathtime now." Son: "I don't want a bath" Me: "You need a bath to make you clean. You don't want to be dirty do you?" Son: &...
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Calming Baby after bath

I guess that I am lucky in some ways. My son, three months old. Loves being in the bath. He is not scared of water and loves to splash. However, taking him out of the bath is a different matter, ...
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How to help a toddler overcome the fear of water on head?

My 22-month-old daughter absolutely hates getting her hair wet. At bathtime, she complains (crying, but without tears) when I pour water on her head in preparation for washing her hair (even if I'm ...
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Is it really that bad to get water in a baby's ear?

My 7-week-old girl loves taking baths but, of course, we get conflicting information about how often and how careful we should be of water in her ears. The pediatrician said every other day and didn't ...
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Is it safe for a baby to suck on bath toys?

We bathe our 6 month old in our bathtub. We fill the tub 1/3 of the way and we sit in there with her to bathe her. The bath water gets a little bit soapy as the bath gets underway. We put some bath ...
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Is it recommended to use warm water for bathing my baby?

I don't know whether this is a good habit or not for my baby. But my wife is always taking our baby a bath using warm water.So when the time we would to take our baby to swim in the pool, our baby ...
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Why is my baby suddenly screaming in the bath?

My baby has always loved bath-time, almost since he was born. He learned to splash when he was only a couple of months old and loves to play around with the water, and over the past few weeks I've ...
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At what age can you leave the child in the bathtub?

Today when my daughter took a bath I wanted to go check on a thing, but of course couldn't since I was watching her. Of course it depends on the child, but in general at what age do you think you can ...
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How can I bathe my baby in the shower?

Our house has no bathtubs, only showers. We have very active 17-month-old twins that love the tubs at the grandparents' and we'd love to be able to have one at home. Unfortunately all the inflatable ...
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How often should I bathe my newborn?

He's starting to get pimples. We had thought that we only needed to bathe him once a week, though I can't remember where we read that.
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What features should I look for in an infant or toddler bath tub?

My wife and I are on our third infant/toddler tub, and haven't liked any of them. We started with the safety first tub that slides open with the frog sponge. It leaked. Next up was the Summer ...
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